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Tell me it's in my head...

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Ullena Sun 24-Feb-13 12:29:35

Panicking somewhat, weird stuff happening. Sorry if tmi, here goes:

Dtd January 3rd, AF arrived January 17th but wasn't "normal"; two days of very light bleeding, then a couple of small clots on day three. Then two days of faint pink spotting. Finally brown staining for three days when wiping. Usually I bleed heavily for a week to ten days, so this was odd. Due to longterm fertility issues, I shrugged it off as a light period.

Except my gums keep bleeding, and my skin is breaking out. My appetite has doubled, I have been feeling nauseous all week, and am very gassy blush. I keep getting cramps and stabbing aches in my legs, and am either shivering or too warm. Also indigestion sort of feeling for almost a fortnight now. My nails are amazing and I itch all over. And I seem to have a lot of phlegm at the back of my throat. I also cannot face ketchup, and the smell of dog mess had me retching yesterday when I went to clean up after our dogs. Then I got dizzy and had to lie down. Have been cranky and impatient, and randomly tearful at times.

I thought AF had arrived as normal on February 19th. Instead I had two days of almost non-existent bleeding, followed by faint pink spotting when wiping for two days, then one day of nothing, and finally one day with slight brownish staining when wiping. Back to nothing as of this morning. Save for some slight cramps.

So, I think I will have to poas. Generally this results in AF appearing the next day, but given that she has already been, maybe I will actually get a line. Maybe. Not holding my breath. It's probably all coincidence/in my head/weather balloon delete as required

Seriously, we ttc for seven years straight, including two cycles of fertility treatment. Nothing happened, so we eventually decided to give up trying. We then had a mc in 2010 sad. I hadn't even realised I was pregnant. Started using condoms after that (didn't use one in January!), although neither of us has been very keen on dtd since tbh.

To complicate everything, we are in the process of applying to adopt. Although they seem to have forgotten about us, so need to contact them again either way...obviously want to know what's going on first though. And now I am also worrying because I haven't been watching my diet, or taking folic acid, and am on medication for epilepsy and took 2 ibuprofen on the 4th January...

It's in my head isn't it? Argh, what stick do you reccommend please? Are the cheap ones any use, or should we fork out for a Clearblue? Am so convinced it will be BFN either way that I don't want to test, but feel I should, iyswim. But I resent paying more for what I am convinced will still be the same result, especially as we had to have the chimney repaired recently, and the car tax/MOT is due next month...would rather buy ice cream. Really want ice cream. Am putting that down to liking Haagen-Daas though.

NandH Sun 24-Feb-13 21:55:35

Ohhhh sad sad sad

just popped in here before I go to bed only to check this thread to find you got a bfn!

so sorry sad

)))))))) HUGS (((((((((

hope you feel better soon and the Dr can shed some light as to why your feeling like this! good luck!

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