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just want to know why why why it didn't implant :(

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bundle4me Mon 31-Dec-12 12:29:49

So sorry to hear that it didn't take. Wish you all the best of luck for your second attempt. xx

blondebaby111 Mon 31-Dec-12 10:05:45

Hi everyone, thanks for your comments
Slinky, I wish you lots of luck with your first go, I was so apprehensive before I started treatment but it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. Hope it goes well for you

Manda, thanx for your comment and so glad u got there in the end..- think with ivf you are so aware of your cycle you worry all the time about is it working. Sorry u got broken into, they should have their hands chopped off sad

Devil, its nice to hear a success story from someone who just lived there life normally afterwards. I went back to work 5 days before we were due to test and one of my friends hit the roof saying I shouldn't be working blah blah blah and when I told her it had failed I know she wanted to say I told u so!! And of course then I blamed myself slightly! I think its just down to luck of the draw and mother nature. Congratulations to u , you must be so excited xx

Devilforasideboard Sat 29-Dec-12 10:14:16

Try not to beat yourself up about the what-ifs. When I had my transfer I was up and about after 5-10 mins and went back to work the next day. Got a bfp a week later and am still (fingers crossed) doing well at just over 12 weeks. I agree with the advice to do whatever makes you feel as calm as possible and definitely speak to the clinic to see what they think. Best of luck with the next cycle x

Manda472 Fri 28-Dec-12 20:00:12

I'm so sorry that your go didn't work hmm yes it is a very painful process. Having experienced 10 ivf goes, 6 straight bfn's and 2 early m/c's and 2 beautiful kids I totally know how you are feeling. The only thing that kept us going was planning the next go. My situation was probably different to you, high fsh and low amh, so egg quantity wasn't great. I truly don't believe there is anything you can do to influence the outcome. My last go I was mega stressed and two days before test date we got broken into so mental state was probably the worst but we got out bfp and it was a good one.
All you can really do is eat well, rest well and be kind to yourself. You will get over this and fingers crossed 2013 will give you your baby, just don't give up on yourself. Have you looked into things like acupuncture? I did it on a few goes.
Have you had a follow up with your clinic yet? They may have some ideas. Have a look at the fertility friends website, lots of information and lovely ladies to chat to ( I made some very good, close friends).
Good luck x

SinkyMalinks Fri 28-Dec-12 19:41:16

So sorry. I'm just starting out with ivf, (round one in jan maybe) but you will have done nothing wrong. Going back to work will not have prevented implantation- look at all the normal pregnancies out there.

It's so tough, but you can't blame yourself- that way madness lies.

I hope round 2 works out for you.

blondebaby111 Fri 28-Dec-12 18:03:55

We found out a few weeks back our first attempt of IVF sadly failed. Everything went so well, most of the eggs they collected from me apart from one fertilized, had one strong embryo transferred on day 5 and really really felt so positive that this would work then got my bfn 11 days later sad Isn't this ttc business such a painful thing to go thru. Just looking forward to round two now. Is there anything i could've done to help it implant or is it just luck?? i rested for at least seven days after, was so careful in everything i did, the only worry i have was did i go back to work too soon!!!

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