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Pregnant on the Pill!?

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clare1990xx Thu 06-Dec-12 20:06:12

Hi guys, just needed a little bit of advice. Think I MAY be pregnant.
For about a year and a half I've been on the birth control pill Microgynon 30 and on the 18th Nov I began bleeding HALFWAY through my pack of pills, so I had 2 weeks left in my pack! Thinking this was an early period I stopped taking the rest of my pills and took my 7 day break early. Now, to come on this early is VERY unusual for me... Especially 2 WEEKS early. It was a proper bleed aswell and lasted about 5-6 days. It wasn't like my usual 'pill bleed', taking the pill makes my periods lighter and is more like 'old blood' like a browny colour most of the time... But this period was proper blood.
At the end of the week on the last day of my 7 day break (24th November) I went to my doctor as I wanted to try another pill (as Microgynon gives me a lot of mood swings!) She put me onto the pill Marvelon (I didn't mention coming on my period 2 weeks early as I thought nothing of it) She advised me to use condoms for the first week of taking it just for extra safety... Being the idiot I am, me and my boyfriend ignored this and just carried on with unprotected sex as usual. Since this strange early bleed I have been experiencing a crampy feeling in my uterus area and on the left side of my lower abdomen (ovary?) I wouldn't nessacerily say it's painful but it's definitely annoying and I've been getting these on and off throughout the day. Here are my weeks symptoms...

On Monday I had like a 'gush' of discharge in my knickers. I was walking to the lunch room at work at the time and It was that wet I actually thought I'd come on early... Went to the toilet, just LOTS of wet watery white-ish clear discharge. Was also very bloated especially in my lower abdomen, wasn't a normal bloated feeling as if I'd eaten lots. In fact I hardly had an appetite so didn't eat a lot at all on Monday. Still have the weird cramps on and off.
On Tuesday I stopped taking my Marvelon pill scared I may be pregnant. Still bloated and still had a fair bit of discharge (not enough to soak knickers this time!) Felt a bit nauseous in the morning but not enough to be sick. Still have the weird cramps.
On Wednesday I broke out in lots of spots, Tuesday my skin was spot free! Woke up bloated, strange considering I've not eaten much. Got home from work, took bra off... Ow nipples hurt! Boobs swollen! They weren't like this in the morning. Had a tummy ache in the evening like a trapped gas feeling... Still getting the weird fluttery cramps in uterus and ovary area.
Today the cramps were worse, seemed more intense. I have never usually got period pains (very rare for me!) but when I do get them I know what they feel like and this certainly doesn't feel like a period pain... Feels more like movement 'down there'. Weird feeling!

What do you guys think? I know I'm on BC but would love to be pregnant! So hope I'm not getting my hopes up!

clare1990xx Thu 06-Dec-12 20:09:48

Oh I forgot to mention... Took a test on Monday too. Was just a cheap Asda one and it come back negative, figured it may be too early if I am, so should just wait till my periods due. So annoying having to wait when I'm having all these symptoms!

SantasLittleControlGeek Thu 06-Dec-12 20:35:20

Have you tried taking a test? That is the only sure-fire way of finding out. To be perfectly honest, I have very little experience of BCP as have been TTC for the last twelve years. What you have described sounds to me like ovulation, particularly the CM, sore boobs, bloating and cramps/one-sided pain. If you had sex about this time, then the chance of conception are real, but not guaranteed. If it is ovulation, then a pregnancy test wouldn't show positive (if you are indeed pregnant) until about 14 days afterwards.

I really hope you get the result you want. Please update the thread to let us know how you get on smile

SantasLittleControlGeek Thu 06-Dec-12 20:37:11

oops x post sorry for the negative result, I can't work back from your OP when the symptoms started so can't determine when 14 days after might be - it could still be too early for a true result.

FWIW, the supermarket cheapies (superdrug, morrisons) are often some of the earliest to give accurate positives if you don't want to spend your money on first response early result (FRER) tests.

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