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don't know what to do

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pinklips Tue 09-Oct-12 23:42:35

well it is my 1st wedding anniversary in November and this is the month dh and i decided to start ttc. A few months ago we were so excited and ready but in Aug my workplace offered me a fantastic opportunity to do a foundation degree at uni with work based learning. I started this in Sept and it lasts 2 years. I have no idea if to still go ahead with ttc or wait until my course is over. Very confusing sad

MrsHoarder Wed 10-Oct-12 03:07:16

Things you might want to consider:

How old are you?

How do you envisage working post baby?

Well it be easy to take a break from the course?

What will the course do to your future employability?

Its a hard call unless you are 40 and desperate to be a Sahm or 22 and very career driven.

pinklips Wed 10-Oct-12 08:58:07

We already have 3 kids, this will be our 4th so I will continue to work after maternity leave. Course ends in 2014 then i plan to do a further 2 years to nurse level. My youngest is 3 atm so Im in a tricky place as to decide what to do. Im 30 so time wise in that sense is ok.

pinklips Wed 10-Oct-12 23:19:11

I also suffer from severe hyperamesis but still really want another baby despite this so this also poses a problem.

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