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Low Folicle Count...feel so crap right now!!

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blondebaby111 Fri 21-Sep-12 17:59:27

We have unexplainned infertility...had our first appointment with ivf clinic last week. All our tests have so far been normal. However the clinic did a pelvic scan on me again last week and imagine my shock when the doctors told me my egg reserves was below average,i questioned this and she said nothing to worry about, fairly normal for a 35 year old so i've been trying not to let this bother me too much.
However this morning we recieved a copy of the letter sent to my left ovary has a count of 6 , my right being curious i've looked online to see this is very low and my success rate for ivf is very poor.

As you can imagine today i'm feeling very sorry for myself and although i start all my medication soon i feel like there is no hope...can anyone relate to this and did u have a happy outcome??? xx

DesperatelyHoping Fri 21-Sep-12 18:02:19

On my first scan they saw 2 on one side and none on the other.

First round of IVF I got 10 eggs but they weren't good quality. Second round I got 12 and ended up pregnant with twins, that I sadly lost at 20 weeks.

Decided to have one last go and only got 3 mature eggs but my 5 month old is now cooing happily in my lap and pulling my hair!

Good luck! xxx

Teds77 Fri 21-Sep-12 18:06:42

Yes. Am 34, just a couple of follicles on each ovary, got 3 eggs, 2 fertilised and my gorgeous twins are currently snoozing in front of me grin.

Took two rounds of IVF but that's actually pretty standard and given the doom and gloom I felt before I started pretty damn great. Stay hopeful x.

joycep Fri 21-Sep-12 23:36:11

Blonde - I have just a couple more than you and was told a total above 7 is what they look for and so 10 isn't that bad at all. Next follicle count you could have more as it changes month on month. And some great stories above so don't google too much as it is bound to scare you!

sarlat Sat 22-Sep-12 19:09:50

Just to add that all is not what it seems and they don't know everything.

My AFC was said to be 9 (I'm 32 by the way)- they said it was a "little below where is should be".

I did need quite high stimming drugs but they collected 10 mature eggs from me. So my AFC muct have been higher than they said. My understanding is that you get less eggs in total than the AFC figure. I haven't had a BFP yet from my embryos but from an egg number and fertilisation rate perspective, we did really well.

There is hope, lots of it. But I know getting results can be very distressing. I try to remember that most people aren't perfect specimens of health - it's just that our bodies get scrutenised than most. There will be plenty of ladies who get pregnant easily that have low AFC's as well.

Good luck

sarlat Sat 22-Sep-12 19:12:35

Third paragraph wasn't very clear - was trying to say one scan does not set a definate figure. Also, remember it is quality not quantity that counts. Do everything you can to make your eggs top notch - this is something that is slightly in your control and gives you something to focus on e.g. diet, supplements and acupuncture etc (if you are in to that sort of thing).

blondebaby111 Thu 27-Sep-12 13:15:27

Hi Sarlet, i have been thinking about reflexogy or acupunture but we see how this goes first. I feel quire positive about it all at the moment which is a good thing. Good luck to you xx

lastboxoftampons Thu 27-Sep-12 13:36:15

Curious as to when your scan was in your cycle? I had a scan at CD12 to look for anything structural (as yet unexplained infertility here too) like fibroids etc. They told me all looked textbook and that I had two maturing follicles (one at 12mm and one at 14, I think) in one ovary, which sounded quite low to me but they said it was normal. Is that standard? I think ov'd on CD16 that cycle.

blondebaby111 Thu 27-Sep-12 17:48:30

hello...i was on day 2 when i had my not near ovulation day but like someone else has mentioned it can change from month to month. Just wish these doctors would explain themselves sometimes as its all very misleading sometimes x

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