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Advice needed from cervical ectropian, progesterone imbalance, colposcopy, cbfm experts

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Gurraun Thu 20-Sep-12 19:29:20

I'd really appreciate some advice.

Background - came off the pill in march 2009, ds conceived in may 2009 and born jan 2010. Thought this ttc conceive lark was easy!!

Went back on pill soon after ds birth. Last year started to notice small amount of blood after sex in the week before/after 7 day break. Doctor noticed cervix bled at last smear. Smear and STD test clear so sent me for a scan for fibroids and said if that was clear it would be ectropic cervix and would doubtless stop when I stopped taking pill.

Stopped taking pill May 2012 (scan date was just after this and sonographer said no fibroids and looked like I'd ovulated). Cycles in may, June and July quite short (24-28 days) with post coital bleeding week before af arrived and spotting.

By August was worried I wasn't ovulating and bought a cbfm. Showed a peak at day 18. Had usual post coital bleed and spotting and af arrived 15dpo. Had only dtd on peak day 1.

This month dtd on 2 highs and peak day 1 (day 17) so was quietly hopeful. However made gp appointment who said it sounded like ectropic cervix but she'd send me for a colposcopy. She looked at me like I was mad when I asked if it may be hormonal and would hinder tic.

True to form I have had post coital bleed at 4-6 dpo and today 10 dpo more spotting and some red blood (normally spotting brown). Assuming my luteal phase is generally 13-15 dayish if this is my period it is very early (cbfm not flashing yet). Do you think it could be a sign of a progesterone imbalance??

Also colposcopy booked for next weds which should be the middle of my period - can they do it then? (they don't return my calls to ask)

What do you experts think? I know I've not been ttc long in the scheme of things but I'm 35 so if I'm going to have a problem I want to address it ASAP if possible.

Thanks - sorry this is a bit epic!

caramelgirl Thu 20-Sep-12 20:32:23

Not much knowledge sorry, I had a 14 day luteal phase but spotting started 3 days earlier, so 11dpo. Had been seeing a private Gynae as my GP v uninterested. She put me on progesterone suppositories (frim 7dpo) and I conceived that month. I also had acupuncture to help with any hormonal issues.
This was after 18 unsuccessful months of ttc #2 after instant pregnancy for dc1.
Good luck, hope more knowledgable people come along soon!

Gurraun Sat 22-Sep-12 07:00:40

Thanks so much for your reply. Will definitely pursue that avenue. Did they do a blood test to establish low progesterone? If so when in your cycle?

eurochick Sat 22-Sep-12 08:03:17

When I had a colposcopy I was told to avoid booking during my period. It's rubbish that they are not getting back to you!

caramelgirl Sat 22-Sep-12 17:51:55

Well she did blood tests on day 2 snd day 19 (7dpo, equivalent to most people's day 21). Also had AMH (for egg reserve), FSH, prolactin tested and then an HSG (hysterosalpinogram- need to have during or immediately after period, so I had day 5 I think). HSG flushes out tubes and identifies potential problems with egg getting to uterus. I had alot of old funky blood come out afterwards until day 12 or so.
My blood tests for progesterone or anything else didn't suggest any precipitate drop but the spotting did. Suggested that I might be conceiving every month but my crumbly linkng was letting me down. Made sense to me as I had sore breasts and funny twitching feelings pretty much every month and started totally not believing my body. She said that with any fertility treatment such as IUI or IVF then progesterone supplementation is a given to promote implantation and clomid would also do this as well as stimulate ovulation. Progesterone supplementation is also common on the continent. And since it costs £2/day for 2 x 400mg cyclogest it seemed worth it. You'll never get it on the NHS according to my GP but I am, so far, immensely grateful to it.
I am also v v thankful that I persevered with a acupuncture after strong recommendations from a lovely poster on here. Feel that this helped loads (was my 3rd therapist, didn't click with first two).
Good luck- and if you do get cyclogest then be prepared (they are nicknamed Bum Bullets on some forums due to delivery technique- not dignified...)

Gurraun Sun 23-Sep-12 07:32:51

Thanks so much - will quiz the gynae on weds and then get forceful with the GP - very unkeen on the bum thing but if needs must...? Good luck with your pregnancy

caramelgirl Wed 26-Sep-12 18:15:15

Hope that it went well today and you've made some progress

Gurraun Thu 04-Oct-12 21:00:33

Thanks for thinking of me - just seen this!

Everything looked normal. Gynae said she thought it was just 'early shedding' of the womb lining....when pressed she said it may be a hormone imbalance but it would most likely resolve itself and don't stress until trying for a year.

Needless to say I'm unhappy with that so off to gp next week to insist on some bloods! Hope you are doing well.

caramelgirl Fri 05-Oct-12 20:49:01

Grr, poor you. Like I said I had early shedding of lining but no blood test corroboration and the cyclogest did help.
Good luck with GP. I can't recall if you were temping etc. but I found that helpful. And really recommend acupuncture. My lady (zone 2 London) charges only £40/hour home visit and is lovely.
Best of luck!

Bridie321 Wed 17-Oct-12 10:06:23

Hi all, sorry to jump in but wanted to ask Caramelgirl for details of recommended acupuncturist and gynecologist. I have had three miscarriages and having had pos test on Friday have period and negative test today, so technically a fourth I guess. Just worried about hormone levels as have been spotting before periods for the last few months.
Sorry again to butt in.

caramelgirl Wed 17-Oct-12 11:14:39

Sorry for your losses Bridie. I have PMd you but fwiw I saw Tara (, £40/ treatment and she was fantastic. She is Hackney based but comes to your house for treatments across north London I think.
Also saw a Gynae called Susan Blunt. She is Birmingham based and works at the Priory (Edgbaston) and Parkway (Solihull) hopditals. She charges about £180 for a consultation.
Good Luck

Bridie321 Wed 17-Oct-12 11:54:14

Thanks Caramelgirl. Sorry have just sent you very long pm then saw this.

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