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Second Time Shaggers, You know who you are......

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MrsWajs Wed 30-May-12 19:51:44

For graduates of the First Time Frolickers and anyone else who wants to join in TTC baby number 2!!

bunnygirl80 Thu 26-Jul-12 02:01:11

Opk is an ovulation test. You can get them anywhere you buy pg tests from, but you can also get hundreds of them super cheap from eBay or amazon. If you know how long your cycles last then you just start peeing on them mid cycle, and you'll get a positive when you're about 24hrs from ovulation. I've never used them as I have irregular cycles (although I've got some to try out next month) so I temp instead. It doesn't tell me when I'm about to ovulate, just that it's happened, so at least I know when we can take a break from swi

Muumimamma2 Thu 26-Jul-12 09:53:18

Hi bunny, I've been symptom spotting like mad too, and I know it sounds crazy but I just feel pregnant. I gather it must all be in my head as my period isn't even due until next week, but somehow it just feels the same as last time when I was pregs! What kind of symptoms have you been noticing?

Now I'm worried though as we've been moving house and I've been working really hard and also carrying loads of stuff, maybe it won't make a difference yet though if by some miracle I am pregnant hmm

highheelsandequations Thu 26-Jul-12 20:22:34

Ooooh, exciting with all the symptom spotting.

Still nothing happening here, haven't had much time to think about it tbh. Apparently the average time for ERTD to return when breastfeeding on demand is when DC is 14 months, so hoping I've not got too much longer to wait.

bunnygirl80 Fri 27-Jul-12 00:03:07

muumi I'm sure most of my symptoms are in my head too! So far I have one sore boob, a slightly bloated tummy (which could be the whole pizza I ate last night!), and I feel a bit nauseous all the time. The sicky feeling started last week when I had a stomach bug, and it's carried on ever since, despite it starting way to early to be pg related!

bunnygirl80 Fri 27-Jul-12 11:09:55

Ok, I caved and tested, even though af not due to another couple of's a bfp grin

highheelsandequations Sat 28-Jul-12 12:36:57

smile smile smile

Showmethemhappyfeet Sat 28-Jul-12 13:54:07

bunny congratulations!! grin
I'm heading home tonight do will test tomorrow, and then get on with some either swi/celebration since I haven't seen DP for over a week!

highheelsandequations Sun 29-Jul-12 12:39:09

Any news showme?

Showmethemhappyfeet Sun 29-Jul-12 17:09:02

A bfn sad oh well, at least we get to keep trying!

bunnygirl80 Sun 29-Jul-12 21:52:43

The trying is the fun bit show grin

zeldapinwheel Mon 30-Jul-12 16:35:12

Can I join too?

I have a 24 month old DD and this is my 2nd cycle, though not sure if last month counts as really didn't make much effort!

previous histroy; ttc for 7 months, bfp then mc at 11 weeks.
Bought a cbfm and got lucky 1st time.

Haven't dug cbfm out yet, have tried ovulation calculator app.... If AF turns up next week I shall be blowing the dust off the cbfm!!

Showmethemhappyfeet Wed 01-Aug-12 11:13:25

Hi, so I just ordered some pregnancy tests on eBay. Still no bleeding but been off pill for over 2 weeks now. Since I have no idea where I'm up to 'cycle-wise' is it best to give it another month or so then test again?

MrsWajs Fri 01-Mar-13 09:16:24

Oh dear this thread just fell apart didn't it!!

So many more of us to add to the delivered and grads lists!!

Flickstar Fri 01-Mar-13 19:10:08

reinstate it mrsW!

cherrycobbler Sat 02-Mar-13 08:06:26

I'm here, starting 2ww for cycle four smile

pixiestix Sat 02-Mar-13 09:27:39

Well helloooo! grin

Its kind of cool that it fell apart because everyone who decided to have a second got magically updiffed the next day! You lucky bastards

I would like to be counting cycles but I absolutely refuse to until my stupid body sorts itself and starts laying eggs in the proper fashion. As it is I'm on CD17 and have had a high reading on the CBFM since CD6 with no peak. Last month was a ricockulous 22 days. So I could be ovulating soon or starting my period soon, who knows. Its like a really shitty magical mystery tour in my ovaries right now.

cherrycobbler Sat 02-Mar-13 13:05:26

How does the CBFM work pixie - what does it read to cause the high? And, er, I totally didn't clock you were starting the TTC wagon. Exciting!!

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