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The All New TTC whilst Breastfeeding Support Thread

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haloflo Thu 17-May-12 12:52:09

Have a breastfed baby or toddler? Why not try for another one?! Who needs sleep anyway?

Come join us whether you are waiting for your first period in months or are are a few months into trying.

MrsHuxtable Wed 20-Feb-13 23:30:08

Sorry to hear, Jakey! That's a 10 day LP for you again?

I started a new thread for us. Hope that's ok. May it be a lucky one!

Jakeyblueblue Wed 20-Feb-13 22:08:07

AF. Not amused sad

Jakeyblueblue Tue 19-Feb-13 22:36:46

Hi all, 10dpo here and no AF but a bfn this morning. Slim possibility I have tested too early but I'm guessing the extra b6 has probably worked and given my LP a boost. Not testing again now unless no AF at end of week. I am thinking AF will probably show tmrw. sad

stuffthenonsense Tue 19-Feb-13 05:54:19

morning. Sorry this month wasn't successful mrs huxtable, try to stay positive.
I'm symptom spotting and driving myself nuts. Aagh, stop me! 11 dpo and yesterday there was a temperature dip. I'm absolutely not going to let myself poas before Friday though.

Jakeyblueblue Fri 15-Feb-13 21:47:22

Oh I'm sorry mrs huxtable sad try not to feel too down as alot can happen in two cycles! I know how you feel with it wrecking your day though. I dread it every month. I always thought I might have three children but will def stop at 2 if I ever manage to get pregs. It took ages with ds and now this, too emotionally draining!!!
In answer to your question, cycle is def related to amount of nipple stimulation that occurs. The more suckling, the more prolactin in your system, the more prolactin = less progesterone. Having said that though, ds now feeds loads more than he used to and my cycle hasn't really altered at all.
I'm 7dpo and still going strong. No symptoms of either AF or pregnancy. Just hoping I get to at least Tuesday before she arrives. Thankfully I have no tests so I can't start obsessing over testing. Resigned to a bfn anyway! sad

Lis999 Fri 15-Feb-13 14:34:46

MrsHuxtable Sorry to hear about your short LP! I have read that a short LP is caused by an insufficient corpus luteum, which I believe would be the result of BF frequency in the beginning half of your cycle, so I don't think increased BF after O would cause a short LP.

MrsHuxtable Fri 15-Feb-13 12:23:00

AF arrived this morning. Another LP of 5 days. F...! The only thing keeping me slightly positive is that I still have 2 cycles before we start ttc so maybe this can still be sorted out in time.

Question: DD is ill with a fever AND cutting
3 teeth. Consequently, she spent the last 2 days permamently attached to my boob and I do mean permanently. Now I do know that in the first half of your cycle this can delay ovulation. But could it also, if it happens in the second half, shorten the LP?

How is everyone else? Hope things are going better for you lot than me.

It's quite funny really. Every time AF arrives after another miniscule LP, I feel a little stab inside and am quite upset for the day for having had another useless cycle. I can only imagine how much harder it must be for women ttc when another AF arrives, meaning no BFP again. sad

Jakeyblueblue Wed 13-Feb-13 22:52:32

Spooky! smile
Welcome back nonsense! I'm not sure about an email alert but feel safe in the knowledge that you obviously don't have to check it every day like us sad and obsessed lot! Lol!
I like the idea of wearing a pad so AF won't come! I'm doing a similar thing by not talking to anyone about how I'm in the 2ww. If I mention it to friends who know I've been ttc, then AF will def come. I think we are losing the plot slightly!!
As for your question about miscarriage, I don't know really. If you have a short LP you are def more likely to have early miscarriages, as in when AF arrives, but bf itself doesn't make you any more likely to miscarry. all a bit confusing.
I'm 4dpo and no symptoms whatsoever. Hoping This is a good sign. Did also have a few moments earlier when ds was running riot, that I actually thought what the hell was I doing ttc again!! Hoping this is also a good sign as Sod's law says the only month I realise that having a bigger age gap may actually be a good idea, i will be pregs!
If I get to a week today, which I doubt I will, I will test.

MrsHuxtable Wed 13-Feb-13 19:55:28

Nonsense I'm not sure about an email alert. I've not come across it so far.
Seems like you, Jakey and me might have all ovulated within 24 hours of each other! Weird...

stuffthenonsense Wed 13-Feb-13 19:52:14

Lady should read last. Oops

stuffthenonsense Wed 13-Feb-13 19:51:24

Wow, so many posts since I was lady here. I got a proper positive opk with all the signs of ovulation at the weekend, so now I believe I am 5dpo and cramping like crazy. Especially when feeding. It really feels like AF but I am on day 20 of a typically 30ish day cycle. Also (tmi) loads more cm than normal.
Anyone know if its possible to get email notifications of posts on here? I feel rotten not keeping up with everyone.

MrsHuxtable Wed 13-Feb-13 19:10:31

Am either 4 or 5 dpo today (going with the conservative 4 though) and still feel like AF is imminent. Have resorted to the rather superstitious act of wearing a sanitary pad (tmi) because knowing my luck if I don't wear one because AF can't possible arrive yet, she will do so in the most dramatic manner. However, if I do wear one, AF will stay away and give me a great LP thus wasting pads. hmm

MrsHuxtable Tue 12-Feb-13 17:21:53

Hmmm, I see what you're saying. I wondered that as well. BUT if the poster I mentioned got a really early positive pregnancy test at let's say 8 dpo, surely that means that by then the embryo is properly implanted or otherwise the test wouldn't be picking up the hormones?

Jakeyblueblue Tue 12-Feb-13 17:15:51

Positive thinking mrs hux. Your cycle might just need time to settle down. smile
I'm not sure about miscarriage. I guess if a short LP is a problem then conception could actually take place but not implant sufficiently enough before progesterone drops and the loss of the lining starts. Technically this means you would have had a chemical pregnancy. I do know that they recommend you keep taking the vit b6 until 12 weeks when the placenta takes over hormonal control. However, all the evidence suggests you shouldn't be at any greater risk of miscarriage because you are breastfeeding so I really don't know. Lots of conflicting advice.
I still have doubts about people conceiving with a short LP. How did they know the LP was short that month? Just because it was the previous cycle, doesn't mean it was the cycle they got Preg. It may be they were just lucky and had a longer one that cycle. Don't know! But it's doing my head in!!! Damn this LP thing!!

MrsHuxtable Tue 12-Feb-13 13:27:39

There's a poster at the moment who might have conceived with a 7 day luteal phase.

Do you know, Jakey, if that makes miscarriage for likely?

Checked out the peeonastick pageand it seems like you can have ovulated and still get a + opk since it's the first + that counts. Taking all into account I think I also ovulated on Saturday so 3 dpo here as well. Still feel like AF is on her way so am mentally resigning myself to another short LP.

MrsHuxtable Mon 11-Feb-13 18:59:17

You know, I wonder how many of the previous posters on this and the old threads who managed to conceive were aware of their cycle. Did they all chart or did some just shag because if it's the later, there might well have been more posters with shortish luteal phases. <clutching at straws a little>

Will have a look at the site you mentioned.

Jakeyblueblue Mon 11-Feb-13 18:46:47

Oh and by the way I replied to another thread about a short luteal phase where someone was asking for advice. Told them our experience with bf and vit b6 etc and about three other posters popped up and said they'd conceived with less than 10. One even claimed hers was 7-8. Not sure i believe it, as in I wonder if they got their dates wrong but I guess it's got to give us all a bit of hope, especially for me being 10!

Jakeyblueblue Mon 11-Feb-13 18:39:19

Lis, I haven't had any drop in supply and I'm
Taking 100mg now so hopefully you should be fine with 50mg.
Mama pants, thanks for the good luck wishes and hopefully you will be back with us crazy lot soon!
Mrs huxtable, I find that I get the most ewcm the day before and the day of ovulation. I think it varies for everyone though. I also do get a little ewcm the following day but I think that that's just the last of it coming from the previous days. This is one of the reasons ive stopped using opk's because I think they confuse matters. I've had some false positives too so stopped dtd, only to have a return of ewcm and totally missed it a few days later. I think they helped in the beginning because they confirmed I was ovulating but I think it's more reliable to just dtd when you have ewcm. There's a really good site called where they do loads of stuff with opk's and hpts. Loads of tests etc and loads of solid info. Have a look, may answer your questions better than me.
I actually think I ov'd on sat not fri now as I still had ewcm on sat and awful ov pains on sat pm. Totally dried up yesterday so am counting today as 2dpo. Hopefully I will get at least 10 days but we will see. I'm also hoping you get a good LP too!
It's actually quite reassuring to have a few short LP buddies on this thread now. There's been some nice folks up to now, all now pregs, but no one with LP issues. Makes a difference to know someone else understands!

MrsHuxtable Mon 11-Feb-13 16:52:20

It's great to hear a real doctor oking the B6, Lis.

Nothing new here. Still feeling slightly achy on and off and praying AF won't arrive before another week has passed. Am quite pessimistic though. Feel like this is another very short LP.

Lis999 Mon 11-Feb-13 13:51:13

I asked my doc about B6 and she said it is fine to take it while breastfeeding so I will give it a try this month. Thank you for the tip! My baby is 9 months so if I get a drop in supply I will stop taking it.

mamapants Mon 11-Feb-13 09:40:43

Thanks for the welcomes, we're thinking of waiting another couple of months before TTC now. We're in middle of buying a new house and LO is getting up all through the night again and find it hard to think of being tired with pregnancy and getting up through night. Keep changing our mind really!
Wishing luck to everyone in the mean time

MrsHuxtable Sun 10-Feb-13 15:21:40

Jakey, yes, it seems like we're proper cycle buddies.

I'm not even sure if I did ovulate yet though. Took another digital test yesterday morning, which was + and then after work another one which came back -. So that was roughly a 24 hour window in which I had + tests. Do you have any idea at which point in relation to ovulation the test goes - ? Having said that, I still have a bit of ewcm today. Is that still possible even after ovulation?

And about the cm, how does the day with the most ewcm relate to ovulation? Because for me that was when the test first turned +.

I've been feeling crampy all day today so am panicking that this is already AF coming, giving me an even shorter LP than last cycle.

MrsHuxtable Sat 09-Feb-13 22:10:52

Well, I hope B6 is safe for breastfeeding as I take it as well. If you read back on the threads most ttc while breastfeeding mnetters ended up taking it. As far as I can gather the only risk is a drop in milk supply so it all depends on how old your little one is and how much they are reliant on your supply. Since DD is over 1 now, I decided I would take the risk of supply drop but wouln't have wanted it with a little baby.

I was going to recommend B6 as well though when I read your message, Lis. A luteal phase of 8 days is short but not catastrophic like my 5 days! There is plenty you can do to increase your LP. Raspberry Leaf Tea, Agnus Castus, Progesterone Creme. You just need to research the risks and see if you're happy with them.

Lis999 Sat 09-Feb-13 18:46:13

Is B6 safe for breastfeeding?

CorporeSarnie Sat 09-Feb-13 18:09:41

sorry lis, maybe try the b6 this month & see if that helps?

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