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Feel sick with worring, can someone help explain what these results mean RE:PCOS ?

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shellmc Tue 18-Oct-11 19:09:21

Hi i have posted on here a number of times, about irregular periods, facial hair ect ect.

After being referred to endocrinologist few weeks ago i had more bloods taken, and was prescribed a cream to use for facial hair, which im currently using. Consultant says she thinks i have PCOS, and so doing more blood tests.

Before being referred by GP my LH FSH levels came back abnormal LH being higher than FSH.
LH 14.5 FSH 6.5 ? (fsh roughly)
Latest results LH-12.6 range (2.0-12.5) FSH-6.5 range (3.5-12.5) also done was Testosterone-1.7 normal range(<1.7), Androstendione 18.4 normal range (1.0-11.5), DHEA-8.5 (2.7-9.2) 17 OH Progesterone 5.9 range (<14).

So been told LH still raised, and also Androstendione high. Does anyone know what this means?? Please someone help explain to me. I am worried.


KatAndKit Tue 18-Oct-11 19:17:06

The raised LH level means that it is very likely that your consultant is right about the PCOS especially if you have other symptoms of it like the facial hair (however I have that and tested negative for pcos). Hopefully they will refer you for an ultrasound of your ovaries next to see if that is the case. If not perhaps you should ask for this.
PCOS can be helped with clomid so this might be your next step if it is confirmed.

shellmc Tue 18-Oct-11 19:37:11

Thankyou, i had an ultrasound done at gp months ago no cysts showed up everything appeared normal.
She mentioned starting on metforrmin depending on results??

Thanks x

bugsylugs Tue 18-Oct-11 20:13:21

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) used to be diagnosed by US of ovaries. Now it is generally (once other causes excluded) 2 or more out of 3 of:
scan consistent with polycystic ovaries
oligo/ or anovulation (ie no or reduced number of cycles where you ovulate)
Clinical and or biochemical ( ie what the person looks like or what their hormones are like) signs of hyperandrogenism. (hairy, acne, male pattern baldness)

As you are on a conception site are you trying to conceive? lots of the creams for hair should not be used when trying to conceive / pregnant so please check

watersign76 Tue 18-Oct-11 21:38:17


I have PCOS and concieved first time ttc with DS, so it doesn't always mean problems.

I cannot remember my test results or what they mean - sorry.

I was offered metaformin but didn't take them. You can also try a low GI diet. I have dabbled with laser for hair removal but it always comes back as it is hormonal.

I felt really upset and scared when I received my diagnosis, but actually it hasn't effected that much. Although I do know that some ladies really suffer.

This org has helpful info

Try not to panic, this doesn't automatically mean ttc probs.

When is your next appointment?


shellmc Tue 18-Oct-11 22:15:20

Sorry no not ttc at minute just wanted to post on here, as i know there will be ladies on here who are/have been in same boat as me.
I was told not to use the cream when ttc, im trying to get myself sorted first.
I have ben told i have hormal imbalance, hence weight gain, struggling to lose it, i have an underactive thyroid too, facial hair, and irregular cycles latest cycles as been 43 days, 45 days and currently on day 63 now!!
Hi WS Thanks for your reply also, can i just ask why you didnt take the metformin?? x Seeing my gp end of this week regarding blood results and see consultantn again in march xx

watersign76 Tue 18-Oct-11 22:39:57

Ok, makes sense.

Hope somebody with up-to-date understanding can help.

Re metaformin...I just wasn't comfortable starting to take something everyday at aged 25. My cycles are a bit erractic, but not as bad as yours and I can just about cope with the excess hair, so I guess I just decided to live with it. I also think that at the time (10 years ago) that they weren't sure if it did actually help...

I have always struggled with my weight, but that isn't "just" because of PCOS. Having said that, I was at a lower weight (and going to the gym fairly regulary) when I concieved my DS, so maybe I did help myself without really thinking about it.

Good luck.

shellmc Wed 19-Oct-11 08:24:43

Im 26 now, i have a DS age 2 smile who i am so grateful of.

My cycles have always been a bit all over the place but this is worse it has got now, took me a few trips to doctors about irregular cycles, thinking i was pregnant, and hoping-maybe wishing that i was one of those who was pregnant but wasnt getting a BFP!! ....Nope.
I managed to lose a stone after having DS then came to a stand still and couldnt lose anymore, people would say 'ohh youv lost a stone maybe thats your ideal weight now, maybe its your body telling you to stay that way now'!!!!..............erm im still 12stone 4lb, so got a bit to go yet.
I ended up leaving my local slimming class because despite dieting, taking up running twice a week and zumba at home i wasnt losing sad

It was after all this that i agian went back to doctors and said something not right, plus i just feel rubbish!!

Finally i got referred-waited 2 months for appt and now got to this stage which im finally happy im on the road to getting sorted. Although it may sound strange but im pleased in a way the results have shown up that somethings not right, but at the same time im scared-i dont want anything to be wrong.

Thanks again WS xx

worldgonecrazy Wed 19-Oct-11 08:38:41

I have PCOS and was prescribed metformin for my second and third attempts at IVF to help prevent miscarriage. I don't think there's been much formal research into this area yet, it's a positive side effect that was noticed when treating diabetics on another trial. There have been no reported ill effects from use during pregnancy, though it might make you feel a bit sick for the first few days. I just battled through it.

You're doing the right thing trying to lose weight - I've found that weight is the biggest single issue between PCOS symptoms being manageable and unmanageable. The plateau when dieting and losing weight is a well known phenomenon. Stick with it and you'll get there.

Good luck.

shellmc Wed 19-Oct-11 08:53:35

Yeh i have heard a number of people say about metformin causing stomach upset/ sickness.
Im willing to give anything a try to help me get my cycles back on track, at the minute, im so bloaty and getting period cramps on and off that i dont think iv ever wished a period to come as quick as this one!!!

I am trying hard to lose weight but nothing is working at the minute, i heard that a low GI diet is best for PCOS. Maybe have a read up and see what sort of things i can eat on that and give it a try.

Did the metformin help re: periods are your regular now??

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 19-Oct-11 10:36:45

Those results to me would be indicative of PCOS (actually your LH/FSH level is very similar to what mine was and that was done over a period of several months).

PCOS is a very individualistic disorder and affects each woman with it very differently. The hirsuitism you have relates to the high levels of androgens present.

The cystic follicles associated with PCOS can and do disappear only to be replaced by further cystic follicles. A "normal" sized ovary is about the sixe of a walnut, polycystic ovaries are often larger than this.

You should be seeing a gynae as well as this endocrinologist. What's the situation with regards to the underactive thyroid; that is also playing a role here.

A low GI/GL (glycaemic load) eating plan can be helpful with regards to PCOS. Collette Harris has written some cookbooks with PCOS in mind; you may want to give that a go.

worldgonecrazy Wed 19-Oct-11 11:22:04

My periods were always fairly regularish, usually with a long cycle of 35 days. I only took the metformin during IVF/early pregnancy so don't know if it would help with that.

shellmc Wed 19-Oct-11 15:27:24

AttilaTheMeerKat i was hoping you would be along soon.

Its just trying to get my head round things really, soo like you say the increased hair growth is due to the high levels of androgens, and the lack of periods will be down to the LH levels?? Is that right. I understand that irregular periods weight gain ect ect can be linked to thyroid also, i got my TSH results too, which were 4.15. Endo said that if it came back 3-4 i would need my dose increased as she says she likes Tsh level to be around 1 or 2.
So i got a phone call last thursday from GP to say to increase thyroxine from 75mcg to 100mcg which i have.

Have you personally tried the low GI eating plan AttilaTheMeerkat ?

Thanks for your reply worldgonecrazy means alot x

eurochick Wed 19-Oct-11 17:57:44

I was diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager (although my latest blood tests didn't indicate it). I eat low GI (in a very rough and ready manner - I try to have protein with each meal and avoid white carbs and sugary treats most of the time - I am not an angel!). I don't follow any specific plan. What I do is sustainable for me. Following some prescriptive plan would not be. I do wonder if this is why my latest blood tests showed my hormone levels were not indicative of PCOS and my latest scan showed no tell-tale cysts on my ovaries either. My periods are also more regular. I still have some facial hair though. I can't tell whether that has improved as I have it lasered off whenever it appears so it is difficult to see how much there is.

It is a healthy way to eat for anyone so there is no harm trying it. You need to do it for a while though as you are looking for a hormone change and that doesn't happen overnight. The Colette Harris book explains about the interplay between insulin and PCOS, which is why the low GI diet helps.

Cheerfulcharlie Wed 19-Oct-11 19:24:06

Shellmc, do not panic. The great thing is that you can personally do lots to get your pcos under control. After lots of research I found out that it all boils down to the fact your body is probably producing too much insulin and this affects all manner of lady hormones and therefore produces all your symptoms such as hairiness, irregular periods, spots etc. It also means you can put on weight easily.
You can control this and lose weight by doing a low GI diet. If you do this, exercise a bit and do the metformin too you will very likely lose weight and get your LH levels down. It's all a vicious circle, but once you start the low GI diet you will find it actually quite easy to lose weight, much easier than just doing low calorie. I started taking metformin and doing low Gi and a bit of exercist in March and by July my LH levels were back to pretty much normal. In the meantime I also lost 18lbs and got my BMI from 29 to just slightly over 25.

I really recommend reading about low GI diets. When you eat something high GI your insulin levels rocket and for PCOSers this is bad. If you are thinking about ttc it's really worth getting pcos under control. As well as some people having difficulty conceiving (but by no means all) it can increase your chance of miscarriage.
Another route to get your pcos under control can be acupuncture if that's something you are interesteed in trying.

bugsylugs Thu 20-Oct-11 19:52:00

Try not to panic as everyone else has said glad you are getting to see professionals who can help now. It is harder to loose weight if you have PCOS but not impossible hence why you found it so hard at your slimming class. thats why everyone stresses weight when a diagnosis is given. Low GI very good for this. Metformin has several roles as mentioned above but is also weight neutral or beneifical word of warning side effects nausea upset tummy can last for upto a month but may not, but if you start to take it persevere for that long as stopping and starting just aggrevates. Slow release may cause you less side effects if you find it difficult.
There is some thought that tsh over 2 can have adverse effect on ttc etc and a lower tsh can be really beneficial re weight as well. Best of luck with all your answers

shellmc Fri 21-Oct-11 09:35:54

Just want to thank everyone who has taken the time to reply to me smile
It lovley to hear from people who have been tru same thing.

Eurochick im so happy to hear that your latest results were clear and that your scan showed up no cysts aswell. I have been looking up on the web and printed a few pages off with low GI foods on.
The diet i was following focused on calorie counting but just couldnt seem to shift any weight, and as cheerfulcharlie said GI seems to be easier to follow.

cheerfulcharlie i am trying to keep the exercise up as much as i can, mind running round after DS age 2 is a gud way to keep fit also smile and i am trying to cut portion sizes down, once i hear from GP as to when to start the medication, then hopefully combined will help FX.
Its lovley to hear that your LH levels had gone bk to normal, and you managed to lose 18lbs!! WOW well done you x
Im starting to understand PCOS more now with all the advice and help from you lovley ladies, thankyou.

bugsylugs I do feel like iv waited a life time to finally get soe answears. I am prepared to give metfromin a go, and if i am one of the unfortunate ones that gets the side effects, i will try my best to persevere for it to pass. Endo did mention if i needed to start on metfromin that she would gradually increase the dose as the weeks went by.
I am hoping now that i have increased my thyroxine that my TSH level will also improve smile I will get there ecentually.....and looking forward to a slimmer, hair free..well maybe not totally but improvement would be nice and my body and periods to get back to normal smile

Thankyou soo much x

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 21-Oct-11 10:59:27

Hi Shellmc,

re your comment:-

"Its just trying to get my head round things really, soo like you say the increased hair growth is due to the high levels of androgens, and the lack of periods will be down to the LH levels"

Basically yes to the first part and re the second part a combination of too much LE and not enough FSH being produced is to blame.

Have used low GI/GL as an eating plan and it's helped me lose some weight.

shellmc Fri 21-Oct-11 20:18:35

Thanks again AttilaTheMeerkat

Gonna give the low GI diet a go. xx

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