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I just want to be pregnant is that so wrong???

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Princessvicky Sun 04-Sep-11 23:31:26

I am new on here and not sure if ill get any answers or help but heres hoping.

I am currently on cycle 2 of clomid 50mg and im so down at the minute everywhere i go there are pregnant women im trying not to focus all my attention on trying for a baby but when its right there in front of u its kind of hard not to right???

Sometimes i wonder if all the struggle is some kind of test?

I already have 1 little boy he is 2 and me and the hubby conceieved him naturally within 3 months of trying so its hard to get our heads around the fact that we've been trying for 16 months now and still nothing.
I have PCOS and very irregular periods my cycles are always different and i dont ovulate on my own thats why they have put me on clomid.

I really need a boast coz im at a stage where im thinkin about giving up but i despreately want a brother or sister for my little boy and its hard to think im never going to get that feeling of happiness when a test is positive.

help plz

CompactDisc Mon 05-Sep-11 13:53:03

Hi PrincessVicky,

I may not be of much help, but here's my problem! Might save you troubles, don't know but here goes....

Spend what felt like a lifetime having weird periods, super duper long cycles. Saying that I knew that conceiving was going to be a major problem, since all the tricks in the books are for someone on regular 28 days cycle, so duh!

But nevertheless, I tried this method found here:

Followed this, took me a year, getting off PILL in August, waiting for infection, from PILL, to clear up, did basal body charting thing, and following August was pregnant.

Second one, was spur-of-the-moment, and here's the part, since iron-levels were better, I asked hubby if he wanted a son now, he said yes and voila I'm throwing up again.

Long story short, for you do the pills if you want, that's entirely up to you. Me, I would go get a blood test to find out your storage/levels of iron. That was (and still is) my lifelong problem, iron-deficiency, nearly no storage of iron, permanently anemic.

As a bit of personal knowledge, doctors do not do this test automatically, shame as it help me and countless women!

Hope it's useful to you, good luck, you have every rights in the world to want to be pregnant. Just don't shoot the messenger - SMILE! Later CD

Princessvicky Mon 05-Sep-11 15:14:11

thanks for replying cd, if im not pregnant this time i think i might follow ur advice and get that checked im at the stage where i would literally try anything.
Its a difficult process and its emotionally draining lately and i know my hubby struggles seeing me so upset every month when my period comes.
I was shocked that i had pcos because the only sypmtoms i have is irregual periods and flipped fsh and lh levels.


Mama5isalive Mon 05-Sep-11 19:14:56

Ahhhhhh sorry Princessvicky - you are like so many people on here and nothing is wrong for longing for a child- some women want and some dont!
i pray you and many others get their hearts desire xxxx
hopefully youll be sharing on a thread real soon xxxx

Princessvicky Tue 06-Sep-11 13:00:36

Thank you mama5isalive,
i hope im able to share good news very soon.
Iv always wanted a big family so its heartbreaking that its such a struggle and some days it feels like its never going to happen again dont get me wrong i love my little boy so so much but i never wanted just 1 child and im know im fortunate to of been able to have at least 1 child and sometimes i feel guilty coz there is so many women out there that cant even have 1.


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