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10month old & wanting a 2012 bambino...

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Dozeyland Wed 31-Aug-11 21:27:53


I have an amazing 10month old daughter, ans my partner & I have always wanted a nice size family (i am 22, he is 26) we have our new house and just think it would be lovely to have another member of our family.

Our girl is a very happy & content baby, and i just find motherhood utterly magical. I am still breastfeeding her, not on any contraception either. So who knows...

The only thing i worry about is, how do you feel knowing you're going to be loving another baby with as much love as your precious child you already have, sounds silly i know as i know i will love any of my children all the same, but HOW different is actually having a 2nd child to havin your first? (emotionally)

legallyblond Wed 31-Aug-11 21:37:08

Dozey - no idea about some of your questions, but I am in the same boat!! DD is 10.5 months and I plan to start TTC in Jan 2012.

I am still breast feeding too, but am back to work on mon, so DD now only has evening, night and first thing in the morning feeds.

Do you have your periods back yet?

Mine came back 3 months ago but have dissapeared this month. Annoying. Not sure why.... i've tested and am not preg....

Dozeyland Wed 31-Aug-11 21:48:28

i had her in october, and had a period just after christmas! i think it was messed around with as i started the pill, but stopped that and i've had 4/5weekly cycles ever since. LMP was 15th Aug, so who knows next cycle. (but im not on anything and we're not using anything so i guess its just a matter of time?)

work is another factor, due back sept/oct, but trying to set up my own business too... so not sure (and they will be livid if i get pregnant again!)

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