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whats the best early pregnancy test? first response? or clear blue

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carriedababi Wed 03-Aug-11 15:45:43


digitalgirl Wed 03-Aug-11 15:50:54

FR seems to be the most sensitive for me. Done from 11dpo.

carriedababi Wed 03-Aug-11 15:52:35

ok thanks they sell them in tescos.

ciwi Wed 03-Aug-11 16:00:40

I agree, FR, i got a pos 10dpo with one of these (faint though)

carriedababi Wed 03-Aug-11 16:05:41

ok great, im 9dpo tomorrow.

perhaps i should try and hang on a fewmore days

KlairvoyantKat Wed 03-Aug-11 16:22:02

First response early result are excellent. I got a nice clear positive line at 11dpo. I'm sure I'd have had a feint line a day or two earlier.

Superdrug own brand are equally good. i got a very convincing result on the same day at 11dpo. The internet cheapies showed positive on that day too but the line was very pale and I wouldn't have trusted it as a convincing result.

I don't like the Clearblue non-digi tests because they have blue lines. Pink line tests, especially if they are not the cheap dip strips, are less likely to produce an evaporation line.

I haven't done a CB digi yet. They are the tests of the devil because unless you wait until you know it will be 3+, they know you will be back buying even more of them waiting for the numbers to go up.

No point testing before 11dpo. FR only 60% accurate at 9dpo so if you get a negative you won't trust it, and if you get a positive it will be super faint and you will only end up doing it again!

Good luck.

carriedababi Wed 03-Aug-11 16:37:31

so thats saturday then.

ciwi Wed 03-Aug-11 17:07:35

oh meant to say mine wasn't a fmu either

carriedababi Wed 03-Aug-11 18:13:26

what is a fmu?

KlairvoyantKat Wed 03-Aug-11 18:24:56

First morning urine, ie first pee when you get up.
In theory it is more concentrated, but you don't need it for testing. I actually got a better result in the afternoon after I didn't go to the toilet for 4 hours and tried not to drink loads during that time.

carriedababi Wed 03-Aug-11 18:36:44

oh thanks for the info.
might buy the tests tomorrow or fri and then test sat

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