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Had swi last nite, haven't been to the loo yet, don't want to get up as don't want the swimmers to fall out

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carriedababi Sat 30-Jul-11 09:19:37

im being a daft twerp again arnet I

I can'tstay in bed forever

AmandaCooper Sat 30-Jul-11 09:21:47

Ha ha

Lilyrose82 Sat 30-Jul-11 09:22:07

smile yep

I dtd too last night and left it till this morning to get out of bed!! I bet the little swimmers are on their way as we type!!! X

carriedababi Sat 30-Jul-11 09:23:17

Lol I'm in bed on my iPod !

kat2504 Sat 30-Jul-11 09:44:38

The swimmers that are going to make it to their destination will get through the cervix in the first few minutes. Any semen left in the vagina after about 20mins max only contains dead/dying/duff sperm. After 20 minutes you are safe to get up! By leaving it so long to go for a wee, you are risking a cystitis infection, which would seriously interfere with your swi! It is good hygiene to have a wee after having sex and it will not prevent you conceiving.

AmandaCooper Sat 30-Jul-11 09:46:11

Ooh Kat you sound so stern! <giggles>

spout Sat 30-Jul-11 09:48:14

Good excuse to stay in bed, however, I like your style wink

OracleInaCoracle Sat 30-Jul-11 09:52:28

Kat is right... But I've done this too. And sticking bum on a pillow. And lying on tubeless side after sex.

carriedababi Sat 30-Jul-11 09:53:00

lol good advice kat, i shall go for a shower [shower not bath, lol]pronto!

ive been bursting for a wee as well!

i thought i was being a twerp but good to hear any that have the potential tomake it, get there after 20mins anyway

carriedababi Sat 30-Jul-11 09:54:17

lol, i had my legs inthe air too, well my knees up in the air iyswim!


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