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Gynae/fertility clinic London

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eurochick Mon 18-Jul-11 15:22:31

Having just been told that the NHS appears to have lost my gynae referral made many weeks ago(<sob>), I think I will get the ball rolling with private care next month when I get back from holiday.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Do you know if I can I self-refer or do I need a GP to refer me?

I suspect to begin with I would be looking at further investigations and probably Clomid. I don't wish to go straight to IVF.

Thanks in advance.

helenlouisey Mon 18-Jul-11 16:09:21

I've been treated by and would highly recommend Mr Trew at 92 Harley st,
He is extremely thorough investigating fertility problems and is rated as one of best fertility doctors in the country.
Best of luck

piprabbit Mon 18-Jul-11 16:15:12

I went to the Herts and Essex.
They made the whole process as simple and easy to go through as possible and I can't recommend them and all their staff enough.

You need to pick a clinic, contact them as they may have an open day or similar you can attend, they will tell you about the next steps - but basically your GP will write referring you to them.

Good luck.

laughinglemons Mon 18-Jul-11 16:42:16

CRGH - this is the private part of UCH which also takes NHS refferals.
So far have only had an initial consultation with Paul Serhal. I am going to have a hycosy there next week to check my tubes. If all clear going for IUI next month. Good Luck

highlove Tue 19-Jul-11 12:01:42

London women's clinic on Harley st. We have found them ok, particularly the support you are offered which is really good. Having said that, we did feel a bit pushed toward IVF prematurely but that may just have been us and if you are clear what you are and are not ready for and stick to your guns then that shouldn't be a problem. But if it does come to IVF their success rates are excellent.

We're back with the NHS but if it comes to IVF which we think it will, we will go back to LWC. For us it's been about weighing up which clinic would cause least stress and decided that on top of everything I didn't want to be travelling halfway across town if at some point I need very regular monitoring. Might not be an issue for you, but I think it's worth thinking through all the pros and cons and implications of each.

Good luck!

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