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day 21 ok but no LH surge

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angelsfromheaven Fri 08-Jul-11 13:49:58

Me and my partner have been ttc for 5 years. I have pcos. My day 21's on clomid are fine but ovulation kits are not detecting an LH surge so obviously no ovulation. Just wondering has anyone else had this problem and what did u do.

SlightlyBabyCrazed Fri 08-Jul-11 13:53:02

Hi, I had this problem - until I was put on cabergoline, which reduced my prolactin and seems to be (mostly) sorting things out. I am PCOS also - am just about to start on metformin too.

Have you seen anyone other than GP - I have seen GP-Gynae-Endocrinologist and awaiting IUI with ferility clinic.

Have you had your prolactin levels checked?

angelsfromheaven Fri 08-Jul-11 15:41:04

hi slightly baby crazed.

Thanks for reply. I have been to gynae publically for 2 years but things are very slow. I am on metformin and i had lap and dye in feb. I thought that would sort all but all it did was get my day 21 up to adequate levels. I due to go back end of august to them. Will get my gp to check my prolactin when i go in for my next day 21. Good luck wit iui. I really hope it works for u.

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