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Vitamin B6 supplements - anyone found they made your cycle 'worse'?

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GreenTeaTastic Tue 05-Jul-11 11:56:50

I've been suffering repeat early miscarriage and erratic cycles (regular but LP varies in length from 9 - 13 days). Seen various fertility specialists, none of whom who can find anything wrong and dismiss an LP defect out of hand (apparently I must be ovulating 14 days before my period whatever my temp charts and CBFM say...hmmmm).

An alternative practitioner prescribed active B6 liquid with a dosage of about 200mg per day to try and prevent the miscarriages and I understand it is supposed to lengthen LP. The first month I took it my LP actually shortened by two days, and this month I have had spotting from 3dpo onwards (now on 9dpo and shows no sign of stopping). I am really upset as I used to have a lot of problems with spotting and this seemed to have stopped - I'm worried the B6 is actually wrecking my cycle!

Has any one else found this has happened? I've read a lot of threads where ladies say it's really helped, but I'm wondering if I should stop.

Thanks for your advice!!

eurochick Tue 05-Jul-11 13:00:56

I'm taking 100mg of B6 in tablet form and my cycle seems to be the same as usual. I have only been taking it for a month though, but my LP didn't change.

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