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Has anyone TTC when their baby is only 12 weeks or less?

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nappyaddict Thu 30-Jun-11 02:17:11

Looking for answers for a friend who wants a small age gap smile

LolaRennt Thu 30-Jun-11 02:24:39

It's not ideal, your body hasn't fully recovered from your last pregnancy. You are deleted of nutrients and vitamins. I think a 2 year gap is meant to be ideal.

DD1 was born end of Jan 2011.

DC2 is due begining of Feb 2012 by "happy accident". So I am not judging she should speak to her GP though and see what they say about her ability to have a healthy pregnancy. If she is trying already she should be dosing up on folic acid and prenatals now though!

nooka Thu 30-Jun-11 02:50:50

I think that your friend is nuts! I have a sixteen month age age (so ds was eight months when I got pregnant) and although now it is lovely (my two are 12 and 10 now) the first few years were a nightmare. Most people with small gaps do not plan them, there have been a few threads here by those who have got unexpectedly early and most of them are in panic mode!

If she really does go ahead then my advice would be to find lots and lots of support, during the pregnancy and for at least the first year after no2 is born.

nooka Thu 30-Jun-11 02:52:09

Oh, plus watch out for school years - my dd had a pair of siblings in her class once with a under a year age gap and it was very tough for them. I think that two school years apart is better from the point of view of sibling competition.

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