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Realy dont know whats happening!!

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shellmc Sat 18-Jun-11 21:47:11

I have posted on here recently and as the week has gone by i am getting more and more confused.

Stopped pill on the 11th May (last month)
Had a 1 day bleed on the 13th May (?withdrawl bleed)
Been having regular sex with DH pulling out!! I know there is still a chance i could get pregnant this way after asking you lovley wemon on MN!
Past 2 weeks iv had fairly bad cramps, headaches, feeling a tad dizzy on and off only a couple of times though and feeling a bit sick.
As i have been on the pill for a few years i dont have regular periods so dont know how long my cycles are, and so when my period is due or should have been due??
Had 4 Negative HPT.
Today had cramps again low down and in 1 side mainly and lots of white discharge (sorry TMI).
Anyone help me?? I have got an appointment at Gp on tuesday.
If i am pregnant we would be delighted, i just need to know whats happening!! x

nellie02 Sat 18-Jun-11 21:53:55

I'm not sure anyone but your gp can give you a definitive answer, but I would say that I had lots of pregnancy symptoms in the first three months after coming off cerazette. It drove me up the wall and I got through soooo many hpts!

But I've heard lots of people have got pregnant straight off the pill, so fingers crossed that's the case for you, and the hpts are simply lying!

shellmc Sat 18-Jun-11 22:01:09

Thankyou nellie02.
Did you get pregnancy sympoms after stopping cerazette?? What sort of symptoms did you experience? Thats the pill i was on soo that could be the reason why i feel like i do. I have a DS age 2 and i feel simular to what i did when i was pregnant with him, its crazy.
I jst really want to know 1 way or the other. Hoping my GP can help me unless i get a BFP before then.
How long was it until you got your first period after the pill??
I stopped cerazette to ttc DS and had a period 4 days later for 5 days and fell pregnant that same month soo was quite quick last time x

nellie02 Sun 19-Jun-11 09:07:58

I had the full range of pregnancy symptoms! Felt sick, dizzy, funny taste in mouth, changed food tastes. I thought I was going crazy when I kept getting bfn, but a friend said she had the same which made me feel saner! I've been off for about 4 or 5 months now and only for the last month have I returned to normal.

I came off cerazette because I was one of those unfortunate people who bleed all the time on it (to the extent it was easier to tell my gp the few days I hadn't bled). So I had bleeding almost straight away, but much lighter than before, and which proper weeks off between. It took us a couple of weeks for us to decide to ttc, so we probably missed that extra fertile patch sad

Good luck, and hope your doc clears it up for you, either way is probably better than not knowing!

shellmc Sun 19-Jun-11 12:45:21

Thanks nellie02 thats the exact same reason i had to come off the cerazette pill too. Bleeding 2-3 times each week!!!! Was only very light but still a pain!!

Nice to hear that, as i feel pregnant but im not!! I will see what GP says on tuesday.

Thanks for your help xx

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