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Been getting crampy pains for over a week now. Pregnant???

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shellmc Wed 08-Jun-11 08:38:17

Hiya, im not sure where i am with my periods at the moment as i have always had irregular bleeding since having my DS. I was on the cerazette pill and after going to GP, i am now off the pill to see if the irregular bleeding would settle. I came off the pill on the 11th May and had 1 day of bleeding on the 13th i think this was probably withdrawl bleed ??
Me and DH have been having regular sex since then using the pull out method, (i recently posted on here as i had heard you can still get pregnant this way).
My irregular bleeding has totally stopped which im happy about smile as i was bleeding every 3-4 days then it would stop then again 2 days later and soo on.
Anyhow since last week i have had cramping pains low down and some white discharge, i was sick the other day twice but nothing since which could have been a stomach bug. Last week had headaches for 2 days running but now feel fine, apart from the odd niggle pain, dont hurt but im aware of them.
I dont know what to think as i dont know if iv ovulated since stopping the pill and dont know when my last proper period was as iv had bleeding on and off for months!! How would i work out if i have a missed period??? Could the last day of bleeding on the 13th be classed as my last period or not??
Someone please share your thoughts to try and halp me.


Imnotaslimjim Wed 08-Jun-11 08:47:00

There is only one way of finding out if you're PG and thats POAS! But, if you are taking 13th as your last AF, then you aren't due for a couple of days. When you come off the pill you ovulate almost straight away (which is why you have to use another method if you miss one) If I were in your shoes, I would wait til Friday then do a test. Don't know if you can be that patient or not though!

shellmc Wed 08-Jun-11 08:51:01

Hi Imnotaslimjim Thankyou for you reply.
Im not totally clued up in this department sad If i only bled for 1 day could that still be classed as a period IYO??

shellmc Wed 08-Jun-11 11:57:01

Anyone else heard or gotten pregnant using the withdrawl method??

eurochick Wed 08-Jun-11 13:05:58

As I've posted on here before, one of my friends got PG with her accidental third without her husband even going inside her. And we all know the joke: what do you call people using the withdrawal method? Parents. If you don't want to get PG, don't rely on the withdrawal method!

Imnotaslimjim Wed 08-Jun-11 13:51:43

Yup, the withdrawal method is not reliable at all, there is sperm leaking out before he even gets there!

You're bleed for one day could be withdrawal bleed, it seems a bit soon after coming off the pill to be implantation. When did you have a bleed before that?

Really, the only way to know is to do the test

I had a friend get pregnant on her first ever time. They were both very young (only just 16) he got in and she changed her mind, so neither finished, but she missed her next AF and now has a lovely 5 year old DD!

shellmc Wed 08-Jun-11 16:21:13

Yeh i know now that the withdrawl method isnt safe, but i just want to say that if i am pregnant i wouldnt be disapointed as we would truley love another DC.
No i dont think the 1 day bleed would have been implantation, im wondering if i have ovulated after the bleed. Bleed was on the 13th May im just wondering if its possible i would have ovulated 14-16 days later as in a normal cycle which would have been around 27th-29th May. But then i wouldnt be having cramping pains ect now it would be too soon.
I dont know whats going on??

Imnotaslimjim the time i bled before then was a week before i stopped the pill, beginning May, again just 2 days as iv had irregular bleeding since having my DS. Iv never had regular periods for years, so really dont know where i am with them??

Thanks for your reply

Catface1984 Wed 08-Jun-11 17:13:07

Hi Shell. It is not as easy as people think to get pregnant while using the withdrawal method. Basically the pre cum is made by a separate glad to the sperm, sperm is only released with the man ejaculates. Pre cum can contain sperm if the man had ejaculated earlier, and had not washed the sperm out of his urethra by urinating before you next had intercourse. Most people who get pregnant after the man withdraws is usually down to him not actually withdrawing in time and letting some sperm into the vagina when he ejaculates, or just by saying he pulled out, when he actually didn't. I thought I was pregnant last month, because we often use withdrawal, but I know DP gets out in time. So I did a lot of reading and googling about the issue, and that is the conclusion I arrived at.

I hope you are happy whatever the outcome! smile

shellmc Wed 08-Jun-11 17:21:53

Thankyou soo much Catface1984 That has made sense and if thats the case, whenever we have had sex DH has always urinated straight after.
He has always pulled out in time, altho you never know if a little may creep in.

I will be happy if i am pregnant catface1984 we both would be. Infact the more we have discussed that i may be, after getting simular symptoms as my last pregnancy, its making me want to be pregnant more smile

Catface1984 Fri 10-Jun-11 16:38:12

I in kind of the same boat. We've been together 4 years now and are getting married next summer. When I thought I might have been pg, I started really wanting it, anyway was BFN and I was quite gutted. Anyway, spoke to DP and told him I wanted to start TTC now. At first he was all like 'lets wait till we're married' but when it came to my fertile time, I told him, and he said he was up for doing it unprotected, so fingers crossed I get a BFP! Testing on the 18th!!!

Good luck to you. I hope you end up with a BFP! smile

shellmc Sat 11-Jun-11 11:10:29

AWWWW Good luck for the 18th Catface1984 you will have to let me know how you get on. FX for you smile

Did you use the ovulation kits to see when your fertile time was?? If so you should definatley be pregnant. that is what me and DH used and it worked first time round for us.

I have tested twice both negative, but still no period!! Not sure if i would be due around now though???

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