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spencermoon Tue 14-Dec-10 13:26:30

Hi all <manic, slightly nervous waving>

This is my very first post (although have been lurking for a while!) and am hoping you wise ladies will be able to help me. smile

My DH and I have been TTC for 4 years and got pregnant after our 2nd ICSI. Very sadly we had a MMC and I had an ERPC a month ago.

We had our follow-up apt with our fantastic IVF clinic on Sat and the consultant advised me to take micronised DHEA for the next 3 months before we have our next cycle. question is, does anyone know where in the UK i can reliably get this? When I google I seem to just get US sites etc.


BarbiesBeaver Tue 14-Dec-10 15:37:27

Hi spencermoon, you can get it from this website. Has he recommended a dose? I've been advised by my cons to take 75mg daily. I've got poor ovarian reserve and it's been recommended to help with that.

So sorry to hear about your TTC struggles and MMC. We've been at it for two and a half years now and also had a MMC, so can sympathise to some of what you are feeling. I'm glad to hear you like your clinic, and hopefully you were just unlucky with the MMC. Best of luck with it all!

spencermoon Tue 14-Dec-10 18:19:07

Thanks for your help....much appreciated.

So sorry to hear about your MMC and struggles too. It's certainly not easy is it!!

Best of luck to you too. smile

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