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EWCM question

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ThePlanningCommittee Thu 18-Nov-10 23:29:12

Bit confused about CM this cycle so advice very welcome!

I'm on CD13 of a cycle which varies between 28 - 33 days. Have been temping, monitoring CM and POAS for the last 4 cycles, and seem to be generally ovulating around CD17/18 with a LP which I've upped from 11 days to 14 over the last couple of cycles, possibly thanks to conception vits and EPO (taken until ovulation).

My EWCM has definitely declined over the past few years (I'm 38) and while I get OK creamy CM pre-O, I've not had much in the way of EWCM for quite a while, but I do get wet CM round O.

Anyway - today I had some creamy white CM but also some clear see-through CM which wasn't stretchy, but looked more like snot (sorry if TMI). But no positive on OPK.

So I was just wondering if "snotty" CM counts as fertile mucus - has anyone else had similar confusion?

MummyinEngland Fri 19-Nov-10 09:31:44

not sure if snotty counts, but lots of ladies on here have been recommending drinking grapefruit juice to improve EWCM, apparently with much successs.

I am sure they will be along in a minute...grin

GetDownYouWillFall Fri 19-Nov-10 10:37:11

Yes snotty mucus is fertile mucus. I am confused how snotty could not be stretchy confused Snot is always stretchy is it not?!

You can also be fertile with just wet CM. By the way, you may not see much on the outside as it is secreted by the cervix and sometimes it is held just around the cervix and in the vagina.

I started getting EWCM 4 days before a positive OPK. Sounds like your body is gearing up for ov. I would keep doing the OPKs and hopefully you will get a positive in the next couple of days, along with increasingly stretchy CM.

absentbump Fri 19-Nov-10 10:54:50

I would definitely recommend Evening primrose oil from day 1 until ovulation definitely gave me lots more EWCM plus drining plenty of water hope this helps

ThePlanningCommittee Fri 19-Nov-10 22:11:58

Thanks for the replies all - Mummy, I've tried the grapefruit thing (and cough mixture! blee) without much success, but as absentbump notes the EPO seems to be working a bit on improving my EWCM - might up my dose next cycle (currently taking 1000mg a day). Sadly I am not a fan of drinking loads of water (booooooooooring) but I am going to force myself to try and drink more H2O and less tea/coffee (& beer/wine).

GetDown, thanks very much for the really helpful info - the snotty CM was like a thick lump of, erm, snot and not slippery/stretchy at all - it was literally like a see-through bogey (aah I can't believe I'm typing this! such a truism that nothing is TMI when it comes to sharing TTC tips with strangers on teh interweb).

Wet CM today and OPK negative so fingers crossed that I'm in the zone for the next few days. Even without proper EWCM I'm still chuffed that my LP has lengthened, so onwards and upwards. Thanks for all the good advice MNers.

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