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Evening Primrose Oil

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TigerseyeMum Sat 13-Nov-10 09:49:06

I read someewhere that you can take EPO beween period and ovulation as it can help regulate hormones and increase mucus.

Anyone know if this is correct? I used to take it for hormonal things, now I have come off the pill my hormones are affecting my skin, my eczema is back and my boobs hurt hmm

I also have endometriosis so don't want to raise prostaglandins at the wrong time.

Any ideas? I could ask my GP but wha do GPs really know about supplements - they're not recommended by NICE so it's out of their remit.

lilly13 Sat 13-Nov-10 16:10:25

I am pregnant now, but pre-pregnancy 1 took 2 tea spoons of EPO every day for about a year. It has lots of beneficial propertis. I stopped taking it when I became pregnant and switched to fish oils...

TigerseyeMum Sat 13-Nov-10 17:18:03

I bought some at H&B this afternoon and will give it a try, it's a strong one so you only need a quarter of a teaspoon confused

[wonders how to measure a quarter teaspoon accurately whilst rushing to get ready for work]

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