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PCOS how do you control it?

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Puddlelane Wed 22-Sep-10 08:59:59

Going to doc's this afternoon to discuss what can be done about my pcos. I realise what I want is a tall order but need to get clear in my mind what to say. I would like to have a period as I dont have them and I dont ovulate. I want a cycle basically. Is this even possible? I have a bmi of 21 and a clomid graduate. I dont want contraception. I would like another baby but due to sorting out my cycle if that makes sense. I dont really want to have clomid again. It was a hellish experience that only worked once. Anyone in the same boat? Help please I might post this in chat too

Miffles Wed 22-Sep-10 19:43:09

Didn't want you to go unanswered.

Sorry to hear you have PCOS - me too! But sadly, I have no answers for you. It sounds like you're fairly clued up about everything, having been through clomid before. (Interested to hear why it was so hellish, though).

People rave about angus castus, but don't know really. Varying opinions, as it is quite a strong herb, apparently, so you're self medicating. Doctors dismiss it.

Metformin, the diabetic drug, is sometimes prescribed...whether that would do any good? I know some people on other threads have found it helped the other sypmtoms of PCOS, although whether it regulates your cycle too, i'm not sure.

I'm trying to make sure I have lots of mutli-vitamins. Including B complex vitamins, calcium, magnestium, zinc, etc. I have the opposite problem to you, though, and have managed to increase my cycle from 17 days to 23!! Not pg yet, though. <sigh>

Acupuncture? Reflexology?

Good luck and tell me the magic spell when you find it!! wink

pumpkin29 Thu 23-Sep-10 20:42:24

Hello, i too suffer from pcos (was told at previous trans-vaginal scan that i had the worst case sonographer had seen :-( ) and this was only discovered after i conceived my DS, i was put on the pill to regulate my period which was succesful and i continued with this for a year, however it made me an emotional wreck and somewhat of a monster, i was also prescribed metformin which made me feel so ill that i never ate
I decided i march this year to take myself off of both without consulting my gp who hadnt really been very helpful if im honest and sadly i didnt get periods anymore and my partner and i are TTC. Well after 6 months i decided after reading some threads on here about the wonders of metformin, that i would try it again ad 2 weeks ago i did, within 4 days i had a period and now we are hoping that ttc will be made much easier. i guess the moral of the story is, if you are offered metformin, give it a go i've tried again with a whole new outlook and actually feel good. Also when i was taking it regularly i had another internal scan and was told my cysts had significantly reduced, so i guess it really is the wonder drug i've read so much about the past few months... im sorry i waffled at you and i hope the gp finds a way to control your pcos sending baby dust your way xxx

Fairygodmother1 Thu 23-Sep-10 20:58:30

Hi, I wish I had the answer too but I'm battling through too. I've tried clomid but unsuccessful in TTC & now on week 3 of metformin. It's almost 3 years of trying for us and IVf is a no till I get my BMI down.

I feel like I have GPs that are useless & fertility clinic aint much better. I've gone from periods every couple of months pre-clomid, to periods that last 3-4weeks with 2 week break inbetween. Hoping that metformin will help with this and my weight issue.

Last week I felt really sick put feel better this week.

So far I've been told I have a tipped uterus, That the only way to treat my PCOS is contraceptive pill (I think it covers up rather than 'manage' and not useful when TTC), that metformin doesn't work, that clomid has made me ovulate but unsure why I haven't conceived...the list goes on.

Sorry to waffle - just know that we're all looking for the right way to control is.

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