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animators to give away acting role and share of profits

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jiya Wed 17-Jun-09 23:14:22

Mother of 14, Patricia Sparkes has teamed up with competition company, to offer a voice acting role in Shelltown and a 2% share of the profits grin (Royalties).

The lucky recipient will be cast alongside Ronan Keating, Johnny Vegas, Julian Fellowes and Sir Kenneth Branagh envy.

The competition is a online reverse auction so the winner is the person who has the 'lowest unique bid'. Entries cost only £1 until 1 July and then the entry price goes upto £5.

Good Luck. smile

ButterflyLullaby Tue 07-Jul-09 16:11:38


I was going to offer my little girl as she made the parents in her school assembly laugh when they heard her ant voice for the following poem:

But I would guess she would be too young.


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