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Who won the Alton Towers comp?

(27 Posts)
leander Mon 24-Jul-06 09:21:17

Anyone know,its not on the home page.

Sparkler1 Mon 24-Jul-06 09:28:47

It was going to be announced today wasn't it? An what about the x-box competition too? When's the closing date for that one?
Haven't won a competition yet so it would be lovely to get something.

zippitippitoes Mon 24-Jul-06 11:59:12

I just had a hunt for this too

NeverSayNever Mon 24-Jul-06 12:03:58

Sure it must be me c'mon mumsnet put us out of our misery

Uwila Mon 24-Jul-06 12:08:23

It could be me.... (but probably not )

charliecat Mon 24-Jul-06 19:42:02

who is it then> meeeeeeeeeeeeeee only kidding

mustrunmore Mon 24-Jul-06 19:45:04

Must be me
Cross your fingers Misdee, if it is, its yours!

jampots Mon 24-Jul-06 19:52:56

I was just about to start this thread. Hopefully its me after the dvd debacle

mustrunmore Mon 24-Jul-06 19:54:56

What happened? Missed that; not even lurking...

charliecat Mon 24-Jul-06 19:55:48

you do realise we have tainted ourselves by posting on this? were not gonna win!

jampots Mon 24-Jul-06 19:56:35

no hopefully charliecat - MNHQ will award one of us the prize as we really really want it

leander Mon 24-Jul-06 19:59:36

Well i've got no chance have i cause I started the thread.

charliecat Mon 24-Jul-06 20:14:03

i won a tv the other week, im just plainly bloody greedy

auntyquated Tue 25-Jul-06 08:53:58

is there any news yet?

NeverSayNever Tue 25-Jul-06 09:02:43

Still waiting

zippitippitoes Tue 25-Jul-06 11:54:00

didn't enough people enter?

Uwila Tue 25-Jul-06 12:21:34

What if we all go enter again under our other MN names?

zippitippitoes Tue 25-Jul-06 12:22:43

guaranteed the winner will be someone no one has ever seen posting lol

curtaintwitcher Tue 25-Jul-06 12:35:43

was it supposed to be announced this week?? I dont think I entered anyway as my children are too young.

leander Wed 26-Jul-06 00:37:28

bum it wasn't me.
Congrats Aero have a fab time

roisin Wed 26-Jul-06 07:48:58

Congratulations to Aero

roisin Wed 26-Jul-06 07:50:15

.. and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's dead chuffed it's a 'real mumsnetter'

Sparkler1 Wed 26-Jul-06 08:38:59

Well done Aero - you lucky, lucky thing. Have a wonderful time.!

hunkermunker Wed 26-Jul-06 08:47:30

Well done, Aero! Enjoy it!

(Do you know, I dreamt I won this... )

charliecat Wed 26-Jul-06 11:13:36

Congratulations Aero

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