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THANKYOU for my prize trip to London!

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Grumpla Sun 02-Jan-11 18:15:06

Well, for a horrible few days I thought that I would miss out on my prize as the date I originally booked to go ended up being the date we had to move house at EXTREMELY short notice, but lovely Rebecca at Mumsnet managed to rearrange it for me and I am SO GRATEFUL that she did! We went to Winter Wonderland and stayed at the Athanaeum. It was AMAZING!!! The apartment was great (although we were slightly puzzled by the tupperware container in the mini bar containing a lone sausage and a mushroom) and the bed was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and the staff were really kind and helpful, we were able to borrow a high chair and a cot and toys etc which made life so much easier. We cooked and ate in our room (too tight for room service I'm afraid) and lounged on the sofa watching the big telly and eating the free chunky KitKats and Kettle Chips!!! It was ace! Winter Wonderland was also brilliant, my son loved the circus and the big wheel, I loved the rollercoasters and the mulled wine smile and the free ride tickets were an unexpected bonus, we actually gave a few away to some other families as we just didn't manage to use them all up so hopefully they were able to enjoy a little bit of Mumsnet magic as well. It has been a pretty stressful Christmas with moving house and a snotty DS so it really was a perfect way to start the New Year. A thousand thankyous to Mumsnet for organising this brilliant prize for us especially you Rebecca for putting up with all the faffing about as I panicked through the ether at you.

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 02-Jan-11 21:45:46

Oh how lovely! grin and a little envy

So pleased that you had a lovely time and we managed to fit it in for you. I will pass your fantastic comments on to the folks at Winter Wonderland and The Athanaeum.

Happy New Year!

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