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I'm in London 2 beds

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onegiantleap Fri 10-Apr-09 17:35:47

Would anybody fancy a break in London during August? great central location

onegiantleap Fri 10-Apr-09 17:36:28

Fancy a cheap city break?

witchwoman Mon 13-Apr-09 22:23:59

Hi onegiantleap, we've been thinking about bringing our 2 boys to London for a short break in August. You don't say what you are looking for, we have a 3 bedroomed house in Cardiff, Wales. Garden, TV, Internet access, Playstation etc. lots of lovely parks, beaches about 30-45 minutes drive away, Cardiff Bay development, lots of castles nearby, Brecon Beacons a short drive away(also accessible by bus).
Let us know if you might be interested.

Chrysanthamum Fri 17-Apr-09 21:06:41

Hello, sorry to barge in but I recognised witchwoman from a post I did about a house swap to Scotland ages ago; Do you remember? Well I know its short notice but we might be interested in a swap in July if thats any good?
We'd possibly fancy a London break at one point too.

witchwoman Fri 17-Apr-09 23:02:10

Hi Chrysanthamum, I'm really glad to hear from you! I'm so sorry I didn't reply to your email ages ago but it somehow disappeared from my inbox and I couldn't remember who you were or find the original post again. I can't do July I'm afraid. We act as a host family for foreign teachers attending courses and June/July is a busy time for the courses. Also we have gone mad and booked a holiday in Turkey, first time we've been abroad in ages so can't really afford trip to Scotland this year as petrol to get up there isn't cheap. However we are still interested in the general idea as I'd love to show Scotland to my youngest and my eldest has asked if we can go up again. Maybe we could plan for next year if that doesn't seem too ridiculous. Let me know what you think.

Chrysanthamum Sat 18-Apr-09 22:12:31

Hello Witchwoman,
Maybe another time. We're expecting a new baby in August but maybe next Spring or Summer could work. Keep in touch anyway. We don't mind short notice sometimes.

witchwoman Sun 19-Apr-09 21:54:27

Hi Chrysanthemum, maybe you could email me directly so I can keep your email on file. Easier to contact you in future that way. Thanks smile

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