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Any Londoners fancy a 3bed house in LOS ANGELES?

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AmericasTorturedBrow Thu 27-Mar-14 03:39:13

we're British, now live in LA, coming home in June for 3 weeks and want to do a week in London, 16th-21st June. Our place in LA is available 13th June-5th July

Any last min-ish summer holiday takers???

AmericasTorturedBrow Thu 27-Mar-14 03:42:21

More details - house has 3beds and 2baths, huge garden totally unoverlooked, 10min drive from Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier. Use of car and there's a cat that needs feeding and a bit of playtime.

We're looking for anything pref up to zone 3 in London, pref 2 bed but other than that not fussy.

We're a family of 4 (DC are 5&2) so our place is fully set up for families (including car seats in the car)

crochetcircle Fri 28-Mar-14 22:52:50

Hmm, I'd love to help and like last minute plans. We are still planning our holidays for this year, but apparently LA is ELEVEN hours away. How will you do that with a 2 and 5 year old? We have an 18 month old and a 3 year old. Would it even be possible on a plane for that long? Maybe we should get in touch in a few years time? We have a house in zone 3.

crochetcircle Fri 28-Mar-14 22:58:59

Sorry, I'm very unhelpful I know. But a late night Friday bump might help!

AmericasTorturedBrow Sat 29-Mar-14 16:34:53

Thanks for the bump and yes flightis totally doable - I've done it I my own without DH since the DC were 9months and nearly 4 (I had the pleasure of DH's company when they were newborn and 3yo, and again 4 months later)

iPads, snacks, several changes of clothes, calpol, one carry on if you can do it, and most airlines now let you take buggy right up to the plane an. They bring it to the doors of the plane when you get off. Worryingly I'm not sated about it anymore whih probably means I have a horrible flight coming up!

AmericasTorturedBrow Sat 29-Mar-14 16:50:33

Should add the last few flights I've done on my own (14mo&4.3yo then 19mo&4.8yo) were by far the easiest - drug the little one and give the older uninhibited use of iPad wink 9mo was the most difficult as DD wanted to crawl but it's getting easier the older they get. If you are two parents then easy peasy (relatively I know!!) but at least you have a parent to focus totally on each child which DS quite often is left to fend for himself if it's just me with them both - thankfully he's polite and there's always a neighboring group of 20somethings willing to help

Fiveleaves Sat 29-Mar-14 17:00:43

Wow! If you do this next summer we will be well up for it! We are zone 2, 3 bedrooms. School hols only for us though.

AmericasTorturedBrow Sat 29-Mar-14 18:09:13

Def up for it next summer and we'll be tied to school holidays too by then

crochetcircle Sun 30-Mar-14 21:40:43

Wow, respect to you! I took dd2 (18mo) on a one hour flight recently and thought that was a big achievement!!!

Anyway, if you remember, this is definitely our kind of thing for the future, so maybe next year we should get in touch. Hope you find something.

AmericasTorturedBrow Mon 31-Mar-14 15:53:10

bumpity bump before I start having to fork out a shit ton of cash on AirBnB!!!

museumworker Fri 09-Jan-15 13:51:12

Hi, just wanted to indicate future interest too. We have a 5 bed place in zone 3, easy access to central London and countryside and with a fantastic local community. We have a lovely park and playground on our quiet residential street. We did a 5 day trip to San Diego with 3 kids in November so have the thirst to return. Must be UK school holidays.

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