Persistent cough and Vicks on feet

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Differentfrom Wed 21-Apr-10 06:57:22

Just felt compelled to post straight away. My daughter has a dreadful cough that develops after / during every slight cold she picks up. She had a very nasty croup episode when she was about a year old and now, at 2.5, she still gets a cough, worse at night, whenever she's a bit snotty. Her cough sounds dreadful and is just painful to listen to. So, last night, I decided to try the Vicks and socks trick and am astonished at the almost instant results! Blimey. She went on to sleep soundly with scarcely a cough. Fantastic. Anyone else's child gets this kind of cough so frequently?

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SilveryMoon Wed 21-Apr-10 06:59:19

My ds2 (14m) gets a bad cough when he gets a cold. He has had croup twice.
What is this vicks and socks trick you talk of?

Differentfrom Wed 21-Apr-10 07:04:19

I read that, when you put them to bed, whack Vicks Vaporub (?) on the soles of their feet and put some socks on. I'm not sure how it works but, although it could have been coincidence, last night there was an almost instant reduction in coughing. Worth a go I reckon.

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SilveryMoon Wed 21-Apr-10 07:10:48

ooohhh. I'm going to try that tonight. Thank you smile

BeenBeta Wed 21-Apr-10 07:13:57

Yes Vicks on the feet especially around and between the toes and front part of the sole of the foot just behind the toes. These corrspond to the reflexology points that cover sinuses, throat and lungs.

It really works. I use it myself and on the children.

Soaking the feet in hot water before going to bed and throughout the day if I have a bad cold and am feeling really achey and shiery is good too.

Differentfrom Wed 21-Apr-10 07:14:53

You're welcome. Hope it works for your son

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Differentfrom Wed 21-Apr-10 07:17:34

Thanks for that info BeenBeta. I thought it must have something to do with reflexology points but wasn't sure. Tbh, quite liked the excuse to rub dd's slightly-less-soft-than-as-a-baby-but-still-satiny feet!

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