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My 3 year old had a seizure this morning

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Jemnot Mon 19-Apr-10 16:58:55

He was feverish all day yesterday and didn't want to eat anything. I managed to get him to swallow a little yoghurt and fruit juice and I thought I'd take him into an NHS walk-in centre if he was no better by the morning. I only take him to the GP for routine stuff as it takes about 3 days to get an appointment.

Anyway he was hot and sweaty and seemed disorientated and confused so I said we should take him to work with me (I work in the emergency dept at the hospital as a secretary).

Just as I was about to get him out of the door he collapsed and went limp. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and his body was twitching and he wasn't aware of anything around him. He was deeply, deeply unconscious with his eyes wide open and only the whites of his eyes were showing. It was horrible, even typing it makes me cry.

When we got to where I work I ran in with him and by this time he was vomiting yellow liquid all over the place but was still only semi-conscious.

When they checked him out they said he had an ear infection?

Do any of you have any experience with an ear infection causing vomiting? He's had these fits several times before but only when he gets a fever.

They've sent us home with antibiotics and we already have lots of liquid paracetamol and ibruprofen at home as we always keep stocked up with it due to his history of having seizures whenever he gets a high temperature.

The irony is that despite all the drama we actually didn't change our morning routine at all! We drive to the Emergency unit together every day but this time I went straight past my office and into the treatment area. My boss was lovely. I hated her seeing me crying and panicking and looking unprofessional but she was really kind.

He's sleeping now. Do you think I'm being complacent to accept that an ear infection could cause the vomiting? I don't want to regret that I didn't realise it might have been something else that wasn't picked up on?

Another irony is that I work with 5 Acute medicine consultants but I didn't get to speak to any of them because I didn't go into my office.

Also all of his cousins have got chickepox and one of them has a vomiting bug. He doesn't seem to have chickenpox but I wondered if he might have the vomiting bug and the ear infection at the same time and one caused the vomiting and the other caused the fever that lead to the seizure?

I'd be really grateful for any advice at all. I'm worried and don't want to 'miss something' that might be relevant. Please help me if you can think of anything at all?

thank you.

Jemnot Thu 22-Apr-10 22:20:23

However the hospital treatment was on Monday and Monday night and he didn't attend nursery (a total of 2 and a half hours) until Wednesday.

lou031205 Thu 22-Apr-10 22:33:38

"he has done nothing but sleep since he got back from hospital, he slept for 18 hours straight yesterday and after eating virtually nothing for the past few days he woke up for a couple of hours today and stuffed himself silly with banana's and vegetarian sausage rolls and immediately fell back asleep"

read that and tell me he was well enough for even 10 minutes at nursery school confused

Jemnot Sat 24-Apr-10 00:44:59

Read my posts and tell me where you read that I had sent him to nursery school.

That decision was made without my consent or approval and if you would like to attack me for going to work when he was still unwell then perhaps you can offer me some advice on how else I can pay the rent next month?

You don't know us and you don't know our situation and I find your remarks to be spiteful and cruel.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

lou031205 Sat 24-Apr-10 14:39:35

Jemnot, I was not making a comment around you going to work. I was responding to the fact that you said "However the hospital treatment was on Monday and Monday night and he didn't attend nursery (a total of 2 and a half hours) until Wednesday.", after posting on Thursday that he had slept 18 hours straight 'yesterday', which was the day he had gone to nursery school.

I am not ashamed of myself. Neither were my remarks spiteful and cruel. Obviously each parent has different ideas of what is appropriate with a sick child, but I genuinely think that it is absolutely irresponsible to send a sick child who has 'done nothing but sleep since leaving hospital' and is only just eating, to nursery school - whatever your circumstances.

I did post well wishes and general advice about treating the symptoms, but I guess that acknowledging that would get in the way of your anger hmm

twopeople Sat 24-Apr-10 16:19:50

Message withdrawn

Jemnot Sat 08-May-10 01:48:29

"I guess that acknowledging that would get in the way of your anger"

Do you now? and where exactly would that anger come from if you weren't around to cause it?

I was ok before you turned up. Just leave me alone.

timon Wed 06-Feb-13 17:06:24

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

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