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Anyone else child have low white blood cells/ Or neutropenic??

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mindermummy Sun 15-Nov-09 15:56:58

My dd is neutrophenic and had very low white blood cells.

Has been put on penicllin all of winter to help fight infections.

Beofre i go on, just wondered if anyone else have a child with same thing???? and their experiences.


chegirl Sun 15-Nov-09 16:15:43


I did have a DD who lived with this for two years due to chemo.

But my DD is no longer with us. I am happy to share experiences but if its too sensitive for you I will understand.

mindermummy Mon 16-Nov-09 08:13:52

oh, how sad. Im so sorry.

My little girl just has low count, no other present.
Dreading her catchcing anything

chegirl Mon 16-Nov-09 10:51:22

I only mention it because I dont want to worry someone whose child is going through treatment IYSWIM.

Of course you are worried. It is sensible to take precautions. Do you know what her neutophile count is? It becomes helpful to know this as you will soon begin to understand all the numbers. Knowing her count can help you work out how at risk she is.

Is she neutropeanic all the time 'just' on the low side?

I became a total clean freak whilst DD was neutropaenic. It helped me feel in control but DD was more at risk from internal infections. All the parents knew this but we all still cleaned like demons grin

During health scares its awful. All that stuff about swine flu!

All you can do is take sensible (or not so sensible in my case!) precautions. Good hygiene, careful when handling/preparing food and I would avoid public transport. Take advice from her medical team re playgroups/school etc.

Do you have a protocol to follow if she gets a temp? We used to take temp, take it half an hour later, if it was above 38 ish take her in for antibiotics. I dont know if this would apply to your little one.

If it does I would advise ditching those bloody awful digi thermometers and get some tempadots from your nurse (the disposable things they use in hosptial).

Its very hard. Try not to fret. I found being very organised helped me to cope - not sure why - control issues I suppose.

Good luck and best wishes.

sprouting Mon 16-Nov-09 11:09:33

My ds2 has cyclical neutropenia but hasn't had and problems so far. He is bf which I think helps him a bit. He has only had one virus so far and got through it fine, no bacterial complications. He has to go to the hospital rather than the GP if he gets a raised temp. Because its cyclical, I never know when it is low and when it is not too bad.

titchy77 Mon 16-Nov-09 12:11:12

Hi My 8 mo ds has recently had a low neutopil count and has also been diagnosed as anaemic. His count was 1.3 which they said was on the low side. Had repeat bloods done last sat but still waiting for the results. What does it mean exactly??

mindermummy Mon 16-Nov-09 20:03:12

hi my lo's count was 1.1. The time before 0.9.

It doesnt mean much to me??!!

I had originally been to see pedeotrician about something else...they then from a blood test found this low count and a low iron level too.
She was put on iron for 2 months and then we had a repeat blood test,

Iron and white cell level had both gone up, but only slightly.

Then had to go back to doc (as we had been discharged from the pedotrician??!) so doc had then said she should go on penicillin all winter. I then booked another return visit to doc, as i felt like they just put her o it and gave me hardly an explanation,....just said have another blood test in 6 months!!!!! me that just did not seem good enough!!??

Doc had refered me back. So now waiting.

what i find wierd is that she has always been sooo well...and for her to be put on this seems odd. Equally though i would hate not to give and she did suddenly get very she has just started pre school.

Feel like i just dont know enough and not got anywhere with docs and date.


sprouting Mon 16-Nov-09 20:09:15

My ds has blood tests every 6-8 weeks but he has them for liver function and sometimes I think they are only doing so many blood counts because they have a needle in anyway. His pead did say he may need antibiotics if he got ill and it turned out to be bacterial rather than viral.

stoney1982 Thu 14-Nov-13 15:58:55

Hi - I realise this post was a long time ago, but I just wondered what the outcome was for your little one? My boy is 7 weeks old and had a routine blood test last week which has shown a low white blood cell count (0.8) and anaemia. He is very well in himself. He was 3 and half weeks premature. We are having bloods taken again in 2 weeks then have to wait for results. I am quite worried :-(

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