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can children have haemorrhoids?

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cutekids Fri 16-Oct-09 16:00:51

My son now and again gets a painful and itchy thing;sometimes says it feels slimy and now and again finds blood on the tissue after a pooh....can kids (he's 10)get piles?

cutekids Fri 16-Oct-09 16:19:09


cutekids Fri 16-Oct-09 16:36:23

sadplease help

cutekids Tue 20-Oct-09 20:38:37


LauraIngallsWilder Tue 20-Oct-09 20:40:53


PacificWerewolfwoohood Tue 20-Oct-09 20:42:49

Can children get piles - yes; do they usually - no.
Get him checked out by GP who will want to have a look at his backside.
Does your DS get constipated at all? Does he produce hard stools that he has to strain to get out? Could be a fissure??

It is unlikely to be anything nasty, but he needs some RL assessment and advice.
HTH smile

DarrellRivers Tue 20-Oct-09 20:43:44

See your GP, agree, is something hard to diagnose without a face-to-face

cutekids Tue 20-Oct-09 21:03:13

oh God...i've just been reading stuff on the net and i'm absolutely terrified now.when i first posted,on Friday,everything seemed to settle down so I didn't pursue it.Tonight,he's just shouted down to tell me there's "loads" of blood on my tissue.There was quite alot actually.His sister-who'd been cleaning her teeth at the same time-said he'd been sitting scratching his backside with a tissue for ages and that he'd made himself bleed. I asked him.He said it was itchy and sore so he'd wiped himself with a tissue....he hadn't actually had a pooh though.I put some germoloids on just for tonight....I know he's only 10 but just for some relief.Please tell me it won't be anything more sinister. I'm scared after googling his symptoms.sad

PacificWerewolfwoohood Tue 20-Oct-09 21:18:58

Stop guessing and step away from Dr Google!! Get RL advice.
He'll be fine smile.

cutekids Thu 22-Oct-09 13:07:37

took him to the doc's.She seems to think he has worms.Although,there is no evidence of them either in his pooh or in his bum...sorry!
She said he also had a slight cut which has probably been caused by him scratching which is probably what is bleeding.So,she gave us some medicine-the whole family-to take and some Canesten (anti-bacterial)for my son.Still not so sure it's worms personally.She did tell me-however-that children don't get haemorrhoids !?! She also said that-and I hope she's right-that there is "never anything sinister in a child of his age in that part of the anatomy".God,I so hope she's right.

PacificWerewolfwoohood Thu 22-Oct-09 18:52:14

Worms are very very common, in children and adults and do not necessarily cause any symptoms. They are often not obvious. Was the link above at all useful?

Treat whole family, have very good hand washing routine in place (I am not suggesting you haven't anyway, but I know my DSs are mingers wink) and his symptoms should settle very quickly.

If not, back to GP and get reassessed.


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