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How do you get a DC allergy tested in the UK?

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ampere Fri 25-Sep-09 08:41:49

DC's hay-fever like allergy is getting worse.

I can't get an NHS GP to take us seriously- mine refuses to test on the basis 'if it's environmental, there's nothing we can do about it'- well, yes there IS. If it IS dust mites (possible but not obvious) I WILL set aside a day a week to HEPA-filter vacuum, will enclose all his bedding in dust proof covers etc etc. If it's tree pollen, I'll close the windows,install wrap around sunglasses and enforce the vaseline beneath the nose thing!

What my GP REALLY means is: If it's positive we have to help you which costs our budget money so we prefer NOT to test for something non-life threatening.

Well, it's seriously becoming school-threatening!

How do I get DS tested? Do I need a referral from the GP to go private or do I ring that 'someone' personally to get him in? Who?

Any thoughts appreciated.

overthemill Fri 25-Sep-09 22:09:02

there was an allergy doc who did a wedchat on mn about a year ago who is at london hospital taking nhs patients and privately. but we got a referral to local hopital and had allergy testing there. took bit of pushing tho , you can see different gp in practice who may be better or more sympathetic. be warned though, my understanding that the tests arent 100% accurate , my dd tested this year aS not allergic to anything despite having reactions to pollen and animals, soap etc, before and after! But a good doc will help interpret.
Good luck

KnickKnack Fri 25-Sep-09 22:11:36

yorktest are supposed to be very good (not sure if they test children though)

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