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sun cream for toddler with ezcema can any1 help xx

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Suzibooxx Sun 13-Sep-09 23:46:06

hi i have been looking for suncream 4 my lil girl who has eczema n she has just recently been referred 2 dermatology x we had been told that doctors prescribed suncream 4 kids with eczema but apparantly they don't x we'v been advised 2 get E45 suncream but it has been discontinued and we've only seen it on Amazon for £10 plus post and packaging x Hoping there is better option for us but just case of looking x we currently using hydromol ointment so need something that wont clash with this x already tried doublebase,diprobase and loads of steroid based creams with no luck so hopefully this'll work x if anyone has any ideas about good suncream 2 work alongside this it'd b greatly appreciated x thanks x

MrsShrekTheThird Mon 14-Sep-09 00:09:44

read the thread title, was also going to say we use the E45 stuff for our dc who all have eczema.
shock you say it's discontinued - like where, do you mean by the manufacturer?

MrsShrekTheThird Mon 14-Sep-09 00:12:14

right, been for a look around and no it defo hasn't been discontinued.

IIRC we paid about a tenner for it, you do for any decent sunblock products tbh.

herecomesthesun Mon 14-Sep-09 11:43:48

Not re sunblock but must just post. My dd had severe excema which became infected on a regular basis. I tried everything, every cream ointment and bath lotion prescribed by docs or recommended. Somebody suggested L'Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream with 25% Shea butter and I bought it not thinking it would work but being so desperate that I would try anything and it totally cleared it up completely in one week. It is expensive £25 for 200ml but it worked for us. Just thought it worth mentioning.

girlsyearapart Mon 14-Sep-09 11:54:05

When I asked dermatologist they said it's more or less trial and error. We have been able to use Nivea Childrens sun cream but mainly use one which I think is called Cyclox. Roc also meant be good. Tesco Kids was no good for us.
Go on allergies topic and look through there have been threads on this before. HTH.

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