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Crawling - irritated scratches on feet.

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BertieBotts Sun 13-Sep-09 10:56:12

DS has got scratched on his feet - not sure whether from our cat or if he has grazed them crawling outside (I suspect the cat), but we have got carpet indoors and as he is crawling around he must be rubbing them because they look all inflamed and irritated. What do you think the best thing to do is, cover them with a plaster or put socks and (soft leather) shoes on him?

I was thinking the plaster might not stay on and might not be as breathable, but the shoes might make his feet too hot. Socks on their own don't stay on more than 30 seconds! Obviously leaving him with completely bare feet means they will probably get worse.

aendr Sun 13-Sep-09 11:29:04

I found "Sock On"s seem to do the trick at keeping socks on without letting the feet overheat. You might try just clean socks rather than a plaster as well, perhaps taking them off before naps and clean ones on after. Feet need to breathe and heal better if they have that change. Babies do heal quickly but you might want to try different things and see what suits best.

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