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Does your child use SMALL orthoptic eye patches for squint?

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fishflange Fri 11-Sep-09 15:24:12

I have about 20 small (64 x 52mm) Ortopad fun eyepatches left over, we now use next size up.
I know not all authorities give out the multicoloured fun ones, so if your child only has the flesh coloured ones I would be happy to post these out to the first person to reply here.

Please only ask if you have the flesh coloured ones.
They are latex free.

JODIEwantsanewname Fri 11-Sep-09 15:59:15

Oh, that would be amazing!!! He only has the flsh coloured ones and it's abit of a bind getting him to wear them, they are so uninspiring!!!

I will of course pay for postage.

fishflange Fri 11-Sep-09 17:16:58

jodie contact me at frimz at hotmail dotco dot uk with your add and I'll post tomorrow. Be my pleasure, I have a stamp so don't worry about postage

JODIEwantsanewname Wed 16-Sep-09 10:06:22

Got them yesterday grin Thanks so much xx

JODIEwantsanewname Wed 16-Sep-09 10:11:59

Oh and we bought him that game for my DS and he loves it!!!! Thanks

fishflange Fri 18-Sep-09 20:56:22

brilliant, glad to be of service! Good luck

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