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Teething questions

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pigleychez Wed 02-Sep-09 16:02:26

These prob sound like obvious questions but being my PFB im abit clueless.

DD is 13mths and just cutting her first teeth (bottom two).

Is she going to suffer more from her teeth as shes older and her gums much harder? She seems so upset bless her with real pain tears rolling down her cheeks

Since teething she had a temp, nothing major just generally warmer. Well her temp just now when I took it was 39.4 should it get that high with teething?

First thing this morning she appeared alittle sniffly but has been fine since... teething related or could she be coming down with something else. She has times during the day when shes her happy usual self.

Ive been giving her calpol and teething gel. any other miracle cures?

Seeline Thu 03-Sep-09 10:43:35

Boots teething powders - I swore by them. Both DCs seemed to really benefit from them, and as your DD is older, they would be quite easy to administer. My DS, now7, is now loosing his baby teeth and still ask for 'granules' as they were known when his new teeth are hurting.

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