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Green Poo - bottle fed baby

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Kat12345 Wed 19-Aug-09 16:56:37

Hi Am new to this and can't seem to find a discussion that can help me out so thought i'd start a new one.

My 6 month old has had green poo for the last few weeks. She is bottle fed and it started when I started weaning her. Haven't given her green veg yet so it can't be that. She is having breakfast & lunch and also still has about 29oz milk a day. Am i over feeding her?

Hope someone can help, haven't got on too well with health visitors so don't want to contact them.


bubblagirl Wed 19-Aug-09 17:11:53

green poo is fine dont panic ds had green poo's for months gp said dont worry unless poo has blood in it or white my ds had green poos until nearly 1 on and off and few more the older he got its perfectly fine

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