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littleducks Thu 13-Aug-09 01:02:33

I think dd has croup, she keeps waking having coughing fits when she cant breathe, sounds awful.

I took her to out of hours dr who reckons she is fine, no temp/ears/throat ok but i'm sure she cant be ok if she keeps waking unable to breathe

bellabelly Thu 13-Aug-09 01:04:06

NHS Direct v good when we phoned them about croup at Christmas - DT2 had it - not badly but we were v concerned. Just google for their number and give them a call.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Thu 13-Aug-09 01:04:51

Does it sound like she's barking?

Is she OK now? Pale/wheezy/blue?

littleducks Thu 13-Aug-09 01:08:15

wheezy, not talking much (shes a chatterbox) very hoarse voice, her neck hurts
i drove her to out of hours dr in next town with car windows open that helped alot, but did make her perk up in friont of dr
she is watching tv and is better awake, everytime she sleeps she wakes in a fit, paniced and unable to breathe

haking/barking cough

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Thu 13-Aug-09 01:15:18

Is she dribbling??

Did she have the whooping cough vaccine as a baby?

littleducks Thu 13-Aug-09 01:23:50

will keep an eye out for dribbling, dont think so atm

she had baby vaccs if whooping cough was standard she had it

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Thu 13-Aug-09 01:27:04

She's best off sleeping propped up by some pillows, keep the window open if this helps. To be honest, I'd be tempted to call NHS direct and mention the wheeze and finding it hard to talk. She may need a nebuliser to help with this. It does sound like croup, my son's 10 and he still gets it. NHS direct are likely to send an ambulance out.

littleducks Thu 13-Aug-09 01:29:57

i will phone if it gets worse, she only saw dr at 11.30 and he said she was fine so i feel a bit blush but she obv isnt fine to me

littleducks Thu 13-Aug-09 01:30:53

she is on pillows atm, we are on sofas puilled together so will try and sleep now, thanks for the late night support

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Thu 13-Aug-09 01:34:58

They only see how she is when she's in the room, which is a problem. If you don't think she's well, if she's wheezy and not talking to you then she needs seeing at the hospital really. If it is bad croup then it can be easily treated with some steriods. I trained as a paeds nurse, I wouldn't say that she's fine if she's barking and wheezing. NHS direct will call an ambulance if you call them or you can call them yourself. I'd say she needs to be seen again if she's worse since she's been home.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Thu 13-Aug-09 01:36:14

smile It's worrying to see your child like this. It's up to you what you wish to do though.

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