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unexplained rash - any ideas?

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seeker Wed 05-Aug-09 06:31:17

I met a friend yesterday who's 5 year old has had a rash all over her body for 3 weeks. The GP is baffled and she has been referred to the hospital but I was wondering if anyone on here has seen anything like it.

It's pink rather than red, slighly raised sort of cloud shaped patches all over, including the soles of her feet. It's slighly itchy, slightly sore but not unbearably so. It seems to come and go, but never completely goes away. Not obviously related to a particular potential allergen, and doesn't respond to antihistamines or steroids.

Could excema present like this? Any other ideas?

blondissimo Wed 05-Aug-09 09:23:00

Before I got to the end of your post I was going to say eczema. I was covered in it until my mum cut all dairy out of my diet. I would have thought the GP would have picked up on it though?

seeker Wed 05-Aug-09 12:18:07

Would ecxema not be really itchy, though? And it's only pale pink - not read and angry looking, like the excema I've seen before.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Wed 05-Aug-09 12:22:58

I had this rash when I was 18. It went away, there was no reason for it, it's not infectious and doesn't require any treatment. I'm trying to remember what it's called. I've been told since that stress is a factor, it does go away though but it did take a while to go completely.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Wed 05-Aug-09 12:24:07

It's not eczema, she doesn't need any treatment, it will go away. Some E45 may help though.

I'm still hunting for the name.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Wed 05-Aug-09 13:20:03 Hair%2C%20Skin%20%26%20Nails&subtopic=Skin does it look like this?

seeker Wed 05-Aug-09 17:11:40

That does look very like it! Thank you so much for that. I'll send the link to my friend - it might stop her worrying! Thank you again.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Wed 05-Aug-09 18:04:47


You are very welcome. Get a print out for her so she can show her GP. If it helps, my GP didn't know what it was either, I was told it was a 'scabies type rash', I had to go for a second opinion.

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