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Blood tests show elevated AST liver enzyme in baby DS - does anyone have experience of this?

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lowrib Thu 30-Jul-09 22:26:34

My DS had some blood tests, they came back with raised AST, a liver enzyme.

Apparently it could mean liver damage for a number of reasons, or it could come to nothing.

We have to test again in a month. I'm trying hard not to worry. My DS is 7mo and appears healthy.

He only had the blood tests as a precaution because he's large and it's standard for babies over the 99.6 percentile. Everything else came back normal.

Does anyone have any experience of AST / raised liver enzymes?

POLLYMURPHY Fri 08-Sep-17 10:42:42

Hi Sani1234
I have a one year old who had raised liver enzymes ast and alt since she was first blood tested at 4 weeks. She went on to have endless tests scans done and everything has come back normal. She is due back in to get bloods in the next few weeks to see if the results are now normal I will let you know how we get on. Please God they are normal now.

JP1824 Mon 11-Sep-17 06:40:57

Hi all! I'm glad I found this thread because it has been a very stressful time for me and my family. My daughter who is 7 weeks old has been having elevated liver enzymes as well. At first her pediatrician said that this was common in Asian babies and that he felt that it would go away in time but her levels have continued to rise. Initially her direct bili was 2.1 but it has been rising and the latest is direct bili= 4.2, ALT= 80, Alk phos 530, Total bili 8.3. Her stools are normal color and she's gaining weight. She was born at 7.2 lbs and at her last appt was 10 lbs. If it weren't for her lab work, she appears to be very normal. She just has a hint of being a little jaundiced and we notice a change in her skin tone from time to time. So far she's had an Ultrasound which was negative and then had a HIDA scan which the GI specialist says he does not think she has biliary atresia or neonatal hepatitis. We are still concerned bc he did not 100% r/o BA or hepatitis. He just prescribed her Ursodiol, which she has been taking for a few days and will repeat labs again tomorrow. Hoping and praying the labs will be ok. The GI specialist says that if they are increased then it would be up to us if we want to continue with a liver biopsy or cholangiogram. Anyone else with a baby that they gave Ursodiol to? Any advice or insight will be helpful. We really do hope everything normalizes. The wait and not exactly knowing what is causing the elevated liver enzymes is so agonizing.

saranade97 Sat 30-Sep-17 14:23:16

Hello all, I hope this thread is still active and I could get an update from any of you as I'm going through the same situation. I have a almost 5 month old premature baby who's lost weight/hasn't been gaining weight in the past month. I'm typing from Rady's children hospital as we speak because she's failure to thrive. She is breastfed and eats a jar of fruit purée a day only and still hasn't gained any weight and she breastfeeds a lot. Her lab work just came back and her liver enzymes are high and the doctors are perplexed as to what might be wrong (why she's not thriving). She's such a happy, easy to take care of baby and she's not lacking in any developmental milestones. Absolutely nothing is out of the ordinary except her not gaining any weight. Her father and I are skinny but I'm short and he's very tall and my baby is really long as well. Wondering what your guy's explanations were

michellesebastian Tue 31-Oct-17 06:28:44

hi @sunnimama, how's your baby doing? Your description of ferritin and liver enz reading fits my 5 months baby boy exactly! We are going through endless testing (poor baby) but so far nothing is found. Just wanted to know if you have any update on the health of your boy?

kutti1988 Tue 01-Jan-19 13:40:44

My male baby prolonged jaundice bilirubin total 1.21 ast 128 alt 175 aalkaline 460 baby is active feeding well what to do iam very much worried about this

idlipera Wed 06-Mar-19 11:09:48

Hello mommies,
I join this group to share with you our experience with this elevated liver enzymes. I want to say thank you to all the mums especially @Gambrosius who replied here and gave me reassurance that everthing will be fine in nature’s time.

At 1 week old, my baby shows sign of Jaundice and it linger up to 2 months. We did 3 blood test. At the 3rd test @2mos, our pedia advised us to test for liver profile just to be sure that jaundice is not a symptom of something else. We got elevated liver enzymes with AST started at 90U/L. At 10 weeks, it went up again at 140U/L, this was when our pedia refer us to another pediatric gastroenterologist. This was the time I began researching about this liver topic.
The pedia explained to us what we can do is to eliminate possible diseases - we did ultrasound to check liver structure and it was normal, we did a detailed liver function test, hepatitis profile test, hematology (blood profile) test and the only issue is the elevated AST, ALT and biliburin. We test again at 3 mos and its still elevated. The last test that we did @5mos was the TORCH test (to test wide spectrum of infections) which showed some history of the cause — we got positive for IgG CMV — meaning I got an infection when I was pregnant but it was already gone. This test was very expensive but it will only gave little assurance cause there are a lot more unknown infections.
This is the last test that we did that I decided to stop. Even if the doctor advise us to keep checking every month. Cause when i discussed this with the doctor even if we found out the infection, we cannot do anything but to wait until the baby is mature enough to fight it.

i just went back today @16mos just to check if his liver is ok now. And it is fine now. My son was born weighing only 2.5kg. I think his organ was not mature enough during that time. He was also colic so I also suspect that his stomach is also not mature enough to process milk and food. It did get better at 5mos. So as what other moms said, i think some babies have this cause their organs are not mature enough but will get better in time. Cause we have eliminated all important causes that we should detect early like his organ structure is functioning well, he has no hepatitis, he has no blood count issues, and no wide spectrum of infections, It only goes down to what unknown infection did he got. So its better to wait and trust that his little body will grow.

Sarahthompson0630 Thu 17-Oct-19 02:31:04

@sunnimama I know this thread is old, but if you still check this I'd really appreciate an update on what happened with your situation. We are dealing with a similar situation with my 9 week old and I'm a nervous wreck. Elevated AST and ALT levels but otherwise very healthy and wouldn't know anything was wrong. Thank you so much.

Sarahthompson0630 Thu 17-Oct-19 02:32:55

@michellesebastian if you still check this thread I'd really appreciate an update on what happened with your LO. We are facing a very similar situation right now with my 9 week old and I'm a nervous wreck.

sunnimama Thu 17-Oct-19 09:04:13

Hi @Sarahthompson0630 - I got a notification from this thread in my email! My little boy is now almost five and is completely happy healthy and gorgeous. His levels continued rising for a few more weeks baffling the drs and they were considering biopsies. We did a heap of blood tests and all were normal. The levels eventually plateaued and I decided I had had enough of the blood tests and would pursue a diagnosis if any symptoms showed - he was totally happy and healthy the whole time. None ever did! I hope your little one is the same and everything works out well for you xx

Sarahthompson0630 Thu 17-Oct-19 09:38:55

@sunnimama thank you SO much for your response. I really appreciate it. Do you by chance remember what your son's levels were at the plateau? I'm so glad to hear he is doing so well. smile We are headed to specialist next week so I assume the tests are in our future as well.

sunnimama Fri 18-Oct-19 06:49:33

I'm sorry, I wish I did! It's so long ago, I can't even remember how old he was when it plateaued. I hope all your tests come back negative and your wee one is fine, it's such a scary time xxx

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