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Squints Any advice?

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lucymum2four Fri 24-Jul-09 11:02:40

My 3yo DS has appointment on tues at hosp.
was refered by optician thinking he has squint/s.sometimes cross eyed & sits real close to tv ect.

Just wanted to know what to expect to be done at hospital.
so i can explain a little to DS before we get there.
knows that his eyes will be looked at.hmm

So has anyone any info from previous visit with their Dc?

Thanks in advance. smile

shoppingmad Fri 24-Jul-09 13:35:52

My son is also 3 and has a squint on the left. We went to the GP and were referred to an orthoptist.
They are the ones that diagnose the eye condition and decide on a course of treatment ie: glasses, a patch or surgery. The examination involved my son sitting on my lap looking at pictures around the room and then having a pair of spiderman sunglasses on with one lens removed he then had to talk to the lady about a book on his lap and then held further away.
She didn't touch him once and he just felt like he had played I was very impressed as he can be very stroppy about doing things.
We then saw an optician who held a few lenses up in front of his eyes to get the correct measurement for glasses, she wore a funny torch on her head with a pink wig so he loved looking at her. He did need to have some drops put in half an hour before so his pupil dilated so she could see the back of his eye. Again they were excellent with him and it was all very positive she didn't have to touch him at all.
He now has glasses he wears all the time, we have just been for a 2 month follow up and his squint has significantly improved.
Good Luck- just remember they will be used to dealing with kids of all ages.

lucymum2four Fri 24-Jul-09 14:15:14

Thanks shoppingmad. smile

shoppingmad Fri 24-Jul-09 14:26:46

Just to add I felt really anxious about going with my son for the appointment as i also have a 4 year old and a wriggly 11 month old but they were brilliant in distracting my son to get the info they needed.
Good Luck

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