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advice re: diet & constipation please

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bethdivine Wed 22-Jul-09 11:34:33

DS is 2.5 and has chronic constipation, which he's on lactluose for. I've been googling and looking at the archives on here for tips about diet, but keep finding conflicting advice. Just wondering if anybody can suggest a good resource for fairly well founded advice on this?

e.g. - give apple juice to help them go, - don't give apple juice, it will give them diarheoa (sp) or the pectin in apples does something
give wholemeal bread & cereals, the fibre will help - don't give wholemeal bread & cereal this will bung them up... it goes on

We get best of both bread as half way house, as he is at the fussy stage as well, which doesn't help, but have wholemeal pasta & brown rice, as we always have done. I give him diluted apple juice with breakfast (his faves are weetabix, shreddies and cheerios) and lunch and try and get as much water in him as I can throughout the day (with a variety of cups dotted around! - thomas big boy glass, thomas squirty flask thing, tommee tippee sippee cup...). I offer fruit mid morning and afternoon and eat it at the same time myself, and try and pack as much veg into dishes that I cook myself - again, hit & miss if he'll eat what I cook, prefers beans, pasta, carrots and mash at the moment! any tips / advice on what's best for constipation and the fussiness most welcome. TIA.

bethdivine Wed 22-Jul-09 15:10:16

anybody smile

bethdivine Wed 22-Jul-09 18:57:18

one more bump before I start bedtime, incase anybody around?

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