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Discomfort and waking a lot at night before sporadic poos!

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Warwickmum Mon 20-Jul-09 16:57:49

This is a bit related to a previous query I had in relation to how long a breastfed baby could go between poos and had put in breastfeeding section but guess may be better placed here!
My DS (24 weeks and ebf) is still very sporadic with poos - last week we had 2 in one day followed by one poo each of next two days. We now haven't had a poo for 6 days again. However, the last two nights (and this seems to happen often when no poo for a while) he has woken up a number of times through the night, with what I am thinking is pain from trapped wind (small orange mark in nappy this morning (TMI) so hoping poo is imminent!). He has been sleeping through for the last month or so, so these waking up episodes are not like him. It seems he only does this when he is 'due a poo' if he has not been for a few days. Last night he went to bed at 8.30pm, woke briefly at 10 when a cuddle sent him back to sleep. He then woke at 12, tried cuddle again and went back to sleep until 12.30. Then proceeded to spend next two hours (of mostly crying trying to get him back to sleep, including giving him a feed about 1am incase it was that(?). Changed nappy, spent some time rubbing tummy/doing bicycle movements with legs etc. Whilst upright he seems mostly ok although was doing bit of groaning. Once put down he would generally try and put thumb in to sleep but seems to be fighting something as he makes groans which seem to build until a point where it causes him to cry again. Am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or has same experience of baby who seems to have lot of trouble with wind trapped lower down. He has also been crying/screaming/jerking around a lot when feeding him the last couple of days, again a pattern I have noticed when poo due. Have asked HV and she just thinks it is a 'behaviour' he has got into !!!????Also checked with dr a while back about lack of poo and she said no build up she could find and ok for bf baby (which I know is the case). Any help for anything that I could try to ease his possible pain gratefully received.

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