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What is this?

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ScarletBear Sun 19-Jul-09 18:56:43

I was called into DD's (5) school last week on Friday by her teacher, who told me she'd noticed that DD was very breathless during PE, and had been rather reluctant to join in. I assumed she was just coming down with a cold, but it's been a week and two days now, and it hasn't developed. I've also noticed these symptoms:
1. DD has been coughing at night, after I've put her to bed.
2. She's been getting breathless very quickly when she's playing in the garden.
3. She's getting quite reluctant to go outside and run around.
4. When she's drinking her milk at breakfast, sometimes she takes little sips and breathes in between.

I don't want to google, as I'm a bit of an anxious parent, and DD's my pfb, so I don't know what it could be??
Any help appreciated!

BlueSmarties Sun 19-Jul-09 21:00:51

Don't panic - it sounds very much like asthma.
Ds2 2yrs 4mo's has had it for about 6 months. Symptoms very similar especially coughing at night.

Please take your dd to the GP. She should get a brown prevantative inhaler and a blue inhaler. Drs are very reluctant to diagnose in my experience. But if the treatment works its conclusive that it is asthma.

Once it was under control ds's life improved dramaticly - as did ours.

Do post to say how you get on.

Also just a word of warning- if your dd seems breathless and has a blue tinge around her nose and/or mouth call an ambulance, especially if she is coughing a lot too. I've been told by paramedics and drs this is the right thing to do even if it seems a bit dramatic- they'd always prefer you to be cautious.

mummytopebs Sun 19-Jul-09 21:01:46

It could be asthma but i am by no means an expert, i would definitly take her to gp to get checked out. I know my dd gets breathless and coughs at night - we have the opposite effect though she still wants to join in so you have to be careful, your dd is a bit older though so might be aware that the breathless feeling is not right.

ScarletBear Mon 20-Jul-09 11:55:21

Thanks for your answers. . .I've created a new thread - 'Asthma tips, please!'. . .I'd be really grateful if you could post!
Thanks again!

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