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can't stop DS crying

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staranise Wed 15-Jul-09 11:34:14

DS is 7.5 months, has fever (not at the moment as have given calpol), been unwell. have spoken to dr about possible SF but teething is also likely. Fingers in mouth all the time so has teething and/or sore throat, pain I'm sure

I can't stop him crying, he's been crying since 9.30, have walked him round, played music etc. He's now in cot, desperately tired and crying in his sleep. am waiting for doctor to call me back but think I will go crazy first! And have to get DD2 from nursery soon and then DD1 from school and no one can help as don't want to pass on any infection before the hols. Have alreayd cancelled DH's birthdya night out tonight sad but it's the constant crying that's relaly getting to me. any ideas?

Fruitysunshine Wed 15-Jul-09 11:43:02

I have no suggestions other than to say hold out for the GP. It may be nothing or it could be something. Until you know either way you should keep him in sight at all times and continue to try to comfort him. Can you ring one of the other mums to collect your other child from nursery? That way you can focus 100% on your DS.

I am sure he will be ok. Have you tried gently lulling to him? What about walking around the garden with him for some fresh air? I find that helps when DD is upset. Of course, if he deteriorates then you need to contact the relevant medical people.

Hope he gets better soon.

mumtoem Wed 15-Jul-09 13:32:37

I often find that Nurofen works better than Calpol on my DD, for temperatures and teething. When she was 1 she had a severely ulcerated throat due to reflux. The GP recomended Nurofen then because it has an anti-inflammatory action that Calpol does not have.

Hope your DS feels better soon.

bubblagirl Wed 15-Jul-09 13:43:04

i agree at these times i used nurofen only as calpol just done nothing to help ease any pain or inflammation and all round just seemed to settle my ds more

and layered in the bonjela although supposedly not able to use it now i found calgel or whatever its called done nothing to help at all bonjela was more instant

staranise Wed 15-Jul-09 18:38:09

Thanks very much for your help - he cried for three hours then has been better since and is now almost back to normal, though not eating anything and won't be put down. Am going to stock up on the ibruprofen just in case, I can't bear it when you can't ease their pain.

Thanks again.

Fruitysunshine Wed 15-Jul-09 22:45:15

So glad he is more settled and feeling a bit better now.

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