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Chicken Pox and travel

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TreeTrunkThighs Mon 13-Jul-09 15:03:26

Found out today that DD2 has been exposed to CP. This was seven days ago. According to NHS Direct incubation is 10-21 days so she could potentially come out with it any time from later this week until a couple of weeks time.

We are going on holiday on Saturday. Presumably if she gets it this week we can't fly?

What happens if she gets it while we are away (Portugal)? I guess if she's not crusty we can't fly back until she is? Does travel insurance cover this kind of thing?

I am hopefully worrying unnecessarily

PortAndLemon Mon 13-Jul-09 15:07:28

Yes, if she gets it this week you won't be able to fly. I believe that if she gets it while you are away travel insurance would cover the additional cost of staying until she wasn't infectious any more, but I'm not sure.

If it's any consolation, DS has been exposed repeatedly and has never developed the pox yet <is aware that by saying that she's probably invoked some cosmic jinx and he'll come home today covered in spots>

LIZS Mon 13-Jul-09 15:11:33

PandL is correct . You can't go if she gets it this week and you will be confined to base until she is deemed fit to fly if she does while on holiday. Different countries may have differing policies as to when the contagious period is over and airlines can refuse to board you without a certificate of fitness.

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