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Strong smelling wee in nearly 4yo

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topsyturveymum Tue 07-Jul-09 22:32:11

My dd's wee sometimes smells very strong and almost 'chemically', usually 1st thing in the morning. You can still smell it after the loo has been flushed, it's so strong sometimes. Sometimes it also looks a little cloudy - she had a urine infection last year which was a nightmare I don't want to repeat.

I am suspecting this is nothing more than her not weeing enough and the wee stays in her bladder a long time, hence the smell. This theory figures re the strong smell in the morning after a night in bed with no waking up to wee. Have drawn the conclusion that maybe I just need to get her to wee regularly during the day (most of the time she has to be prompted to try a wee) and get her to drink a lot. Anyone else experienced this?

Seeline Wed 08-Jul-09 13:38:20

I think it's more a case of her not drinking enough that is the problem. If she drank more she would need to wee more often. More fluids would dilute the wee.

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