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Sick at night & in morning, baby 12 weeks

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NiaElsie30 Sat 20-Jun-09 08:11:53

Hello lovely mums! My 12 week old has started to be sick, sometimes in the eve but always in the morning. Been happening for the last week. Can the recent heat cause this? The other recent changes are that we have given her some formula for one feed around 9 pm, could it be this? And we started using 'infacol' before bottle feeds, so she has it before the formula but also before an expressed breast milk feed around 8 am. I have checked that 'infacol' can be continually used with the pharmacist but has amyone else had problems with it? Or could it be that we don't wind her enough after these feeds (she tends to drop off during them so lie her down. Sick is clear with White blobs and just smells of milk. Hope someone can help....thanks

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