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Is it normal for children to catch one bug after another?

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SweetApril Fri 19-Jun-09 13:15:09

Hi. I know there have been similar threads on here but I'm beginning to feel like maybe this is not normal. My DD seems to be constantly getting ill. In the last four weeks she has had a filthy cold, a nasty virus with a high temp for days and a rash, another cold and conjunctivitis and now today yet another high temp, off food and drink, very clingy etc. Literally she maybe has a day of seeming healthy and the next day we start all over again. And none of these things are ever 24hr jobs, always last a week or more.

She's 2 and been with a childminder for well over a year now. Until this latest batch of illness she had been doing quite well with almost six weeks illness-free! Prior to that she generally has something every couple of weeks. She doesn't seem to catch these things off the other kids and vice versa - consequently she's the only one who's consistently off poorly. She generally has a good, healthy diet.

I really feel that I live my life in anticipation of her getting sick and honestly it's really beginning to get me down so goodness only knows how poor DD feels.

Can someone please tell me we're not the only ones experiencing this?! None of DD's little pals seems to have anywhere near this amount of illness. I know it's supposed to be good to help develop the immune system but how on earth does the immune system ever get a boost if it's always fighting some bug or other.

Sorry, this turned out to be much longer than I expected!

manitz Fri 19-Jun-09 16:24:39

sorry i'm not sure of an answer but my kids always seem to havea runny nose. I'm at the doctors once a week for one thing or another. I think there are very nasty things that you could find on google and for that reason i think you shoudl put your mind at rest and ask for a non emergency appt with your gp. I have had lots of health anxiety since ds birth and my gp saw me for a chat for a bit. - not suggesting you have anxiety but i mean they are there for support as much as anything and should be aware of trends. sounds like she is run down to me.

also it might be worth keeping a diary of her illness so you can see how frequent they really are. hope you have another few illness free weeks soon.

SweetApril Fri 19-Jun-09 16:52:39

Thanks, Manitz. The diary is a good idea - I'll probably discover it's not as bad as it seems. I think it's the lingering effect of these viruses and things that makes it worse. DD is a right grump when she's getting over a bug and it sort of leads into what seems like weeks of grumpiness when in reality she is a jolly little thing.

I'm steering well clear of google - I'd never be out of the GP's surgery then!

manitz Fri 19-Jun-09 21:36:26

yep i'm always in there. just realised they get their molars around two also so it could be related. Good to have evidence for yourself and for the doc should you need it.

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